Aislin Mairwen

Special Investigator for the Deep Throne

Aislin is a noble of the Mairwen family, though she is of a cadet branch and not likely to ever be THE Lady Mairwen. She has been known of a trader in exotic goods, a pedller of dreams, a singer of songs, and a mirror mage of some skill. Some whisper she was only apprenticed to Llewella through a massive calling in of owed favors and exchange of money. She is ambitious, but this does not seem to be political ambition, and a bit odd at times — just ask anyone who has seen her burlap dresses.

For over a year, Aislin has been in Amber, mostly locating and procuring hard to find goods and for the right price. Recently, her industry has seen a slow as Llewella has come to Amber and Aislin has taken up her studies once more. She's often found around the Embassy, or walking along the beach, when she's not out finding ways to make reflective surfaces explode.

Recently appointed Special Investigator by the Deep Throne in the area of Mysteries and Portents.

As of fall 2009, Aislin has not been seen or heard from for many months.

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