Marches, Counties, Baronies, And Other Holdings

Certain sections of the territory, particularly those featuring a valuable resource or special geological trait, or of strategic importance, are held and under the administrative control of specific individuals and/or their family. These deeds and entitlements are recognized by the Rebman Throne, and in several cases have been granted directly to the individual amid congratulatory fanfare during Court. All existing concerns, and capital associated with the properties become the individual's to manage.


The territories of the Major Houses of Rebma: Ygrayne, Dilwen, and Bauquemare, are controlled by the greatest noble houses, the head of which holds the title Marchioness/Marquess. These are extensive undersea lands found ranged out along the outer limits of Rebma's navigable territory, approximately 300 square kilometres in area. Each has a population of approximately three thousand Rebmans of various family lines living in settlements, the largest of which is usually a village close to the family stronghold. Much of the revenue generated from their industry is channeled to the estate.


The territories of the Minor Houses of Rebma, such as Morfilod, Mairwen, and Dafydd, are controlled by other noble families who have earned enough wealth or distinction to take ownership of their ancestral land. The head of their line holds the title Countess/Count. The lands tend to be found near the edges of Rebma's navigable territory, and range from Dafydd's 100 square kilometre area to Morfilod's 160km squared. Each has a population of between one and two thousand Rebmans living in settlements, the largest of which is usually the village closest to the family stronghold. As with the larger Marches, profits made off the land will trickle towards the estate.


Smaller slices of territory usually named after a geographical feature, are often held by influential nobles or granted as a reward to individuals for their outstanding service. The title Baron or Baroness <Name of Barony> can then be added to their list of honors.

One of the most well-known is Icedeep, to which Lord Regent Martin himself holds title. It is a system of large glacial craters upon the surface, close to the Capital and the enchanted limits, rumoured to have a subterranean system which accesses the deeper, breathable waters via massive stalactites stretching down to the mountain upon which the Rebman Palace is located.

Other Holdings

Locations of strategic importance are held, maintained, and staffed by the Crown.

Squatters and Interlopers

As vast and uncharted as the undersea is, it is inevitable to find areas inhabited by small groups who do not recognize the authority of the Crown, any more than Rebma acknowledges their right to occupy seabed real estate. However, unless that group is found to be hostile and/or threatening the Crown's interests, there is normally no point wasting resources trying to evict them. Special requests made in court by Rebmans or other members of the Deep Peoples can otherwise sway the Palace to act against trespassing groups.

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