Listed here are the Player Characters associated with Rebma, as well as specific areas in which they are invested or interested.

Name Position House/Affiliation
Caddell Unknown Dilwen, Royal
Enid Trade Representative Morfilod
Eurion Shadowy figure Mairwen
Jira Shadowy Siren Unknown
Fang Bodyguard Morfilod
Lief Unknown Ygrayne
Llewella Royalty Amber
Maggie Advisor, Captain (Wave Dancer) Morfilod
Martin Regent, Royalty. Lord Marshal (Navy). Prop Controller Rebma
Merrisol Sub Captain, LT-COL Military, Warden of the Deep Morfilod
Meijanri Not a Rebman; Undine glassmaker Amber
Miriam Princess of Tir. Engaged to Martin Tir-Na Nog'th
Ruben Shadow Explorer Bauquemare
Ruby Forgemistress Retainer to Rebman Throne
Ryika Knighted Deputy Ambassador, Queen of Banyan Ygrayne
Salin Baron, Ambassador to Amber, Heir Morfilod
Temerayre Amnesiac Ygrayne
Vialle Queen of Amber, married to Random Mairwen
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