Listed here are the Player Characters associated with Rebma, as well as specific areas in which they are invested or interested.

Name Position House/Affiliation
Aio Benspawn, Military Trainer Amber
Alcaeus Unknown Amber
Amethyst Princess of Amber, Martin's Sister Kitezh
Ciaran Worst.Rebman.Ever. Rebma
Clive Vagabond Selkie Ygrayne
Dashton Foreign Agent Feldane
Enid Trade Representative Morfilod
Llewella Royal Princess, Senior Advisor Amber
Maggie Privateer Captain (Wave Dancer) Morfilod
Martin Crown Prince, Lord Marshal, Prop Controller Rebma
Merrisol Sub Commander, LT-COL Military, Warden of the Deep Morfilod
Miriam Princess of Tir, Princess-Consort to Martin Tir-Na Nog'th
Moire Queen of Rebma Rebma
Murdoch Royal Beastmaster Badlands
Quinlan Magic Researcher Pathi
Regan Selkie Crafter Rebma
Ruben Shadow Explorer Bauquemare
Ruby Military Forgemistress Minos
Ryika Queen of Banyan Ygrayne
Sterling Chantris Selkie Amber
Vernon Rebman Naval Commander Morfilod
Vialle Ambassador to Amber Mairwen
Yvonne Military Adjunct, Party Planner Shadow
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