• Singular: Rebman. Plural: Rebmans (not Rebmen). A group of Rebmans is called a Wave.
  • Currency: Almost any sort of shiny can be used to buy goods and services in Rebma, however the value for exchange of anything as common as mere gold and silver will vary wildly. The only fixed currency is the Trade Pearl, produced and backed by the Great Houses. Those staying in the capital for any great period will be sure to carry a string of these specially branded beads. Minted coin from Amber and the Golden Circle realms who've established trade is accepted at a fair exchange.
  • Troops in the field drink a sort of field-brewed hooch known as "Squid Piss." Brewed from seaweed, it is thick, greenish-black, and slimy. Some people are insane enough to enjoy the taste, and even drink it off-campaign.
  • Octopi are raised for food, but some people keep them as pets and even selectively breed them. The ranchers tend to think the pet-breeders are a little off in the head to spend that much attention on food animals. But the Octopus Shows hosted yearly at the House Dafydd holding are undeniably exciting!
  • A "Selkie's Wife" is a phrase with two meanings in Rebma. Originally it was reflective of folk songs of those taken by selkies to live underwater as husband or wife, unable to survive underwater away from their spouse. In modern usage, it has taken on the meaning of someone so dependent on a political or financial patron that they are unable to extricate themselves.
  • "Wrestle a Triton" is a saying used to connote a physically impossible feat. "Swim from Kitezh to Minos in a week? May as well wrestle a triton."
  • "Slicker" is what the rustics and denizens of Rebma's outer territories call the 'soft' Rebmans who reside within the enchanted field of the capital city, where the water is tame and temperate.

Established Color NPCs

Ai - A shy but envious fishy-eyed Deepwalker rescued from the perils of the Deep Menagerie and befriended by several champions of Rebma. He may be engaged to one of them… secretly.

Lyrrad - Rebman wilderness scout with the Special Forces Recon division, and as such he has been a vital part of several outbound missions. Socially unrefined and brusque with Slickers, when he's not being an unrepentant loner, he is carefully watching his well-bred charges for tips on how to score with the ladies.

Sirs Nywlle and Aversin - Haughty Knights-Commander of the Holy Order of Eilrahc, who have since been won over by Martin and his compadres.

Brother Scaasi and Sister Teragram - Priest and Priestess of the Cult of Lir, Palace liaisons.

Eladyes B'mal - Irreverent Minstrel of no fixed address, with a marked fondness for gently mocking the Royals in his tavern performances. He was caught by the Ygraynes who sought to please Martin by bringing the blue-haired bard to account for his disrespect, but a few notables stood up for him during Court, and the Regent himself supported his right to be outspoken and political. Aside from his trusty water lute, he has a prized pet Rainbow Eel.

Haydon and Brianna - Orphans of the Cataclysm, the two besties can be seen playing hide and seek when school is not in session. When Brianna and several other children were snatched by a Black Water cult, Haydon achieved considerable underdog popularity when he managed to draw Martin's attention to the crisis, and worked closely with the rescuers, befriending several. Blue-haired, green-eyed Haydon is about 11 years old, and green-haired Brianna is 12. They currently live with 15 other orphans in the newly-founded Rebman Childcare Co-operative, managed by Princess Amethyst.

Ainras - Proprietor and Head Seamstress of Selkie Eiviglo, a premiere shop on the Grand Promenade specializing in custom design fashions for the stylish Rebman.

Aristeyes - Ne'er-do-well Siren, currently cooling her fins in the Palace dungeon accommodations. Outrageous, shrill, and conniving, she once ran (neglected) a corrupted city orphanage until some Heroes came a-calling. Currently negotiating to be released from the Palace dungeons.

Nalwin - Friendly, flirty Selkie agent in the Rebman Military Special Forces, in the rank of Lieutenant. Brown hair, big gooey chocolate eyes, big grin, and perpetually cheerful demeanor. In seal form he is a Gray Seal with brown spots.

Alareon - Mighty Triton commando in the Rebman Military Special Forces, in the rank of Second Lieutenant. His tight-knit squad is called Mantis Obsidian. Black iridescent scales blending to pearl undersides. A masterful underwater fighter, his ego was dealt a blow when Aio drew first blood in single combat, but she made a better impression when she subsequently came to his aid against a ferocious bull shark. Out of most of his aloof brooding race, he is one of those more likely to give outsiders the time of day.

Lord Lymon of Ygrayne - Sly Rebman noble apparently heading a gang of snarky scoundrels. Who could resist his sour charms? Why, Maggie can… much to his amusement and displeasure.

Lady Surafyc of Dilwen - Imperious Diva of underwater dance, she and her cronies dominate the top tier of any ballroom setting, filling it with complex currents and amazing moves. Merrisol impressed the lavender-haired dynamo with his partnering skills during the Coronation Ball, and she doesn't let him forget it.

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