Life and Death

Gender Roles

Rebma has a marked tradition of matriarchal power, but not so utterly that a male cannot ascend to a ruling position, within his noble house or indeed, over the nation itself. The clergy ranks within The Cult of Lir can be of any gender, however there have only ever been High Priestesses appointed to lead the faithful. In all other aspects of undersea life, there is no real expectation of dominance among the sexes.

Cosmopolitan VS Cloister

The capital city has lines of social division that are clearly visible if one knows what to look for. Additionally, visitors at the gates are greeted by the grandeur of the Promenade, rippling with the strange news from abroad, lively commercialism, and glimmering lights. Enough time spent wandering the sights and side lanes will bring the realization that Rebma City's tolerant welcoming vibe exists just within a select network of boulevards. Once one stumbles without escort into the more tightly-knit roadways, finding the private residences and enclaves on darker streets, the reception becomes downright chilly.

The Oral Tradition

The Great Archives and personal lore collections will hold countless slabs and Slate and Stone to hold the chiseled records of acts great and small, shards of old mirror can be made to divulge a random account from history. Since creating either does represent skill and work ethic that many Rebmans do not possess, the most popular form of passing on knowledge and entertaining trivia comes from oral storytelling. Wise elders in the household and wandering bards in the taverns and even the neighbourhood gossip are well-regarded for their sharp ears and willingness to let their tongues do the wagging.

More valued than any of these is the individual who knows how to effectively deliver a good story from the ancient times. These tales from before the earliest recorded history have never been retroactively committed to written form, for it is fully believed their power would diminish if thusly imprisoned in silent stone. For the legend to have truly profound effect on the listener, the speaker must have a certain honed panache and sense of pacing, not to mention vocal projection through water. The story must not be too long or superfluous in detail, nor must it be lacking in suggestion and essential truths. Therefore, only by studying with the master bards can one hope to become one him or herself.


Sculpture is the obvious media for Rebman artists, and every non-corrodible material from stone to coral to glass is fair game for their inspiration. What the walls lack in paintings and tapestries, is made up by gorgeous glass mosaic, intricate scrollwork, and impressive bas relief. Among Rebmans, those of House Mairwen have gained prestige as stone masons for the capital, a duty more vital than ever now that conditions allow for permanent structural changes to the city. For some races, artistic ability is so ingrained as to be considered magical.


Managing acoustics beneath the waves is a tricky thing, moreso with each level of depth. Claiming the favour of the Sea, Rebmans are not much troubled by such difficulties when it comes to vocal performance. In the magic environment of the capital, sound travels with minimized distortion and reverb, allowing any individual to speak and hear almost the same as the topsiders do. Sounds are still noticeably deeper and more mellow, as befitting society's more languid pace and mindset. Thus, vocal and instrumental music is readily practiced in the capital, haunting in tone.


Annual Events

Concordance Day

Concordance Day is a Rebman national holiday, commemorating the peace that ended the Triton Wars, and created the unified nation of Rebma. It is a traditional feast day, and celebrations tend towards one of two forms. Grand open houses are common out on the marches, where an entire settlement will fill the local noble's house for a day of food and revelry. In the city, smaller invite-only affairs are more prevalent, and it is traditional to invite one's rivals as well as one's friends to such events. Lesser enmities, and sometimes even great vendettas, are temporarily suspended in the spirit of the day.

Winter Festival

Lasting about two weeks at the end of the common calendar year, an extravagant street fair is held up and down the Grand Promenade, from the city gates all the way to the Palace courtyard.

Whale Rodeo

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