Dolphins are NPC background elements in Rebma and not playable characters on Road to Amber.

Appearance: The typical Dolphin resembles the bottle-nosed variety commonly found in other Shadows, all big grins and slick silvery hide. As in all races there are appearance variations, from size to colouring to shape of beak. They are generally larger than the average Rebman adult and usually double the length. Unabashed nudists, they laugh at the concealing fashion of other races, although in actuality all bits of their own are concealed within skin pockets, so..

Statistics: The precise Dolphin population of Rebma is unknown. Very unhelpful Rebman studies estimate between 10,000 and 1,000,000. This might be due to the fact that individuals refuse to differentiate themselves by name. The majority of them answer to the name Dolphin, which is customized using qualifying adjectives that they swap with impunity. Handsome Dolphin is a very popular name, for example, second only to The Handsomest Dolphin.

Behaviour: Intelligent cetaceans capable of speech and learning languages, they have excelled at Thari and creative slang in particular, mainly in order to harass acquaintances. Their fluting vocals are interspersed with clicks and whistles, giving their rude, even shocking observations an added zing. Their clipped laughter is particularly merciless towards objects of their playful scorn. While they may come across as terrible flirts and irrepressible perverts, they are staples of Rebma court, business, and naval concerns. The impertinence does not extend to the Throne of Rebma, apparently, and Dolphins on royal missions are swift and dedicated.

Abilities: Dolphins are arguably the fastest of all the Rebman races, although Selkies in seal form can easily outstrip them in terms of distance and depth. With the exception of the deep Capital's enchanted zone, they tend to operate around the Sea's surface and to a depth of ~2000ft. For that reason, they serve in the Navy as Rebma Triangle patrols, and fast transport for personnel to mission drop zones.

Combat: With strong, rubbery cartilage and blubber layer, the beakbutt attack is favoured by Dolphins. At full speed, a good hard Dolphin ramming can cause internal damage of the average opponent's vital organs.

Origins: Mystery and secrecy surrounds this aspect of the Dolphin race. Even the most flippant joker amongst them goes mum when the topic arises.

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