Prince Dylan Bauquemare, Baron of Lower Brightshoal, Attache to the Rebman Embassy in Amber

Son of Princess Llewella and Marquess Ianto Bauquemare, Nephew of Queen Moire

Roughly three hundred and some years old, Dylan has spent the vast majority of his time under the waters, in Rebma. With a reputation for quiet brilliance and insatiable curiosity, Dylan has largely been committed to scholastic endeavors, though he has also served the Queen as an advisor, and has been known to explore the Deeps from time to time. As a youth, he formed a close friendship with his cousin, Morganthe, and was particularly devastated by her suicide. Though he spent some years in Avalon as Benedict's ward and student, his arrival with the Embassy heralds his first real stay on land - and in Amber.

Dylan vanished a few months before the rising of Leviathan.

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