Due to low birth rates in much of the Rebman population, the ratio of young people under 25 years on any given year is consistently low: About five thousand total throughout the realm, and mainly living in the ancestral holdings. Developmentally, these are considered small fry, and hold a precious status; to be protected, sheltered, and instructed, their potential discovered and their life paths advised.

Every Rebman child's formal education begins around five years old. They leave the nursery to gather at designated locations to receive a basic regimen of knowledge and skills, and particularly the catechism of Rebma's religion, via the clergy of Lir. By the age of 10, each youngster will have been presented to the Queen, typically during a royal visit to the territories, and receive the formal blessings of Lir from her priestesses. Progeny of the Great and Lesser Houses are brought directly to the Palace, in a yearly ceremony of celebration in their honour.

This honour is reconfirmed when the noble youth is around 20 years of age, and at this time special favour may be bestowed: An invitation to join and receive tutelage under one of the Royal Ministries. They become part of daily court life, and invigorate the atmosphere with their innocent antics. For the other young Rebmans of the Houses, declarations at Court will set them on paths towards officer-rank training in the Rebman military, scholarships at the various Archives, apprenticeships in Mirror Magic, or monastic vocations at the Temple.

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