Oighrig "Effie" Kerr

Oighrig (pronounced "iffrick"; she goes by "Effie") is a young woman in the employ of House Dafydd. She has no blood connection to the House, but through a series of events that she steadfastly refuses to go into even to other members of the House, she has fallen under its purview. Recently, she was called upon to leave Rebma and venture into Amber proper, there to attach herself to the Rebman Embassy and work under the Ambassador. The nature of this work is not widely known, and Effie is quite happy to keep it that way.

Effie is also a selkie, able to shift into a seal and also into a young man. In this latter form she goes by the name Eifion ap Owen, who presents himself as the son of a shopkeeper named Owen Purwell who is employed by the Secretary to the Ambassador as an assistant, in order to learn the accounting trade. (This last, at least, is true; Eifion can often be found with Mostyn, helping with his paperwork.)

Although Effie spends much of her time in the Embassy and the upper city, she makes no secret of her fondness for Lower Amber, particularly the docks and the taverns. She's been known to spend hours there, just watching the action; nowhere in the upper city seems have the same appeal for her.

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