The Rebman Embassy to Amber represents the public face of Rebma to the Court of Amber, traditionally its closest ally, and in general to the Golden Cicle.

Currently, the Rebman Embassy is broken up into three distinct divisions:

Embassy Proper

The Embassy Proper represents the diplomatic strength of Rebma to Amber and to the Golden Circle in general. In essence, it is the voice of Rebma outside their borders.

The Ambassador is in charge of the Rebman Embassy and those assets which fall beneath its pervue. It is their duty to ensure that all matters related to diplomacy are resolved in a timely fashion and to the benefit of Rebma, as well as to oversee the high level management of the Embassy Grounds, it's security and the Trade Ministry that functions in Amber.
Current Ambassador: Her Excellency, Lady Vialle of Mairwen

The Deputy Ambassador serves in a similiar capacity as the Ambassador and assists with diplomatic matters as well as oversight of the other divisions. If for any reason the Ambassador is unavailable for an extended length of time, the Deputy Ambassador assumes command in their absence.
Current Deputy Ambassador(s): <Vacant>

The Ambassadorial Secretary's main function is the preservation and researching of information. Overseeing the Embassy Archives, it is the Secretary's job to ensure that the Ambassadors are given the research for any matters in which they require or might need access to, as well as to organize and collect any information which may become relevant.
Current Ambassadorial Secretary: <NPC>

The Cultural Attache serves a very singular role in diplomacy, in so much as it is their job to be an expert in a specific field, such as the City of Amber or its nobles. From there, their expertise is drawn upon by the Ambassador and Deputy Ambassador and they freely give advice, so that the Ambassadors have all available information at hand.
Current Cultural Attache(s): <NPC>

The Embassy Aide, while low in the hierarchy of things, plays an almost pivotial role. It is their job to do the bidding of the Ambassador, Deputy Ambassador, Ambassadorial Secretary or the Cultural Attache(s) and they are almost always present at meetings.
Current Embassy Aides: Lady Utta of Baquemare

Embassy Guard

The Embassy Guard is responsible for both the security of the Embassy Grounds and the protection of it's staff.

The Guard Captain, or Captain of the Guard, is the Head of Security for the Embassy and is responsible for ensuring that all soldiers are properly trained and know what their duties entail.
Current Guard Captain: <NPC>

In the absence of the Guard Captain, the Guard Lieutenant assumes command of the Embassy Guard. When the Guard Captain is present, the Guard Lieutenant is responsible for assisting in training, outfitting the soldiers and the protection of diplomats.
Current Guard Lieutenant: <NPC>

The Guards are the rank and file soldiers who protect the Embassy Grounds and its staff.
Current Guard(s): <NPCs>

Trade Ministry

The Trade Ministry is assigned to the Embassy due to the nature of how closely trade and diplomacy go together. And while it falls under the pervue of the Ambassador, it operates with its own mandate for most of the time.

Trade Representative(s): Lady Enid of Morfilod

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