With the exception of the Dolphin, who are a sentient and very verbal race in Rebma and range throughout the Seas of Shadow, much of the marine life observable and caught by surface dwellers are very like any of the species found elsewhere. Plentiful and a fished freely as a food source, they do not receive protected status by Rebmans unless by Royal decree based on resource shortages or when one happens to be a tame pet of a Rebman household.

Due to the Selkie culture of Rebma, experienced hunters are rather wary of going after seals. Though their pelts and meat are valuable, and they are in no way genetically related to the shape-changers, a fatal accident involving a Selkie in sealform would spell disastrous consequences for the hunter and his/her family.

Whales do have a special status in Rebma and no whalers from the surface are permitted to hunt them, from anywhere within the realm's boundaries.

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