Many of the known species of algae and aquatic vegetation relies on sunlight to thrive, and therefore these can be found in their natural state only as far down as 2200~ ft depth. In the right conditions they can cluster in huge clouds or forests, and are the support base for elaborate ecosystems.

The Giant Kelp Forest of Nedra is by far the largest tract of plant growth in Rebma, with individual stipes growing 500ft tall, enabling the forest to thrive in deeper regions than most vegetation. While a tremendous natural resource for its agricultural uses as well as providing food and shelter to a great deal of marine life, the forest is experiencing a blight over a significant portion of its northern edge. The Kelp and the creatures found within these areas are animated dead and rotting.

In the deeper regions, where insufficient amounts of light fades to complete darkness, there can still be found hardy or unusual species; the first able to exist by storing energy during the height of the sun's strength, the second able to draw from other types of energy source, such as the chemical heat from thermal fissures.

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