Jira's history in Rebma is more than a little ambiguous. What is known is that she is a Siren recently returned, and often described as 'odd'. She comes and goes from the watery realm and is often seen in Amber or Ennisport. For those that might have heard her rumor, she is unmistakable on sight while in Rebma. She is dark, for one, with black hair and black tail. Her tail is even more unusual for the inky black vapors that shroud it and and lick off of it in curls like shadowy flames. Her unusual manner and unusual appearance have spawned differing rumors about her, but none were entirely flattering.

With some effort, however, Jira has begun to conquer the perceptions of her. Among her endeavors are:

- Opening a club on the Promenade called the Grotto, giving Rebmans a new and modern place to socialize.

- Arranging for donations to the Archives including lost stories and songs of Rebma, and new glass recipes maintained by Karanis.

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