Kitezh Military Treaty

Author: Servalle Held By: Ithunn
Date: Fri May 23 17:50:03 2008 Focus: 0
Title: Kitezh/Rebma Military Treaty

Ithunn at Thu Jun 5 13:28:08 2008
Servalle at Thu Jun 5 13:30:37 2008

Token Description
This treaty is written in clear military terms, and when signed will be ratified
by both the Admirality of Rebma, the Crown of Rebma, and the Crown of Kitezh.
The main points are as follows:
1) Rebma shall increase patrols at the edge of the Kitezh shadowpath, and provide
lines of communication to alert Kitezh of any massed fleets or attacks
approaching from that direction.
2) Rebma shall, at the request of Kitezh, provide military escort for any trade
or civilian ships passing through the seas above Rebma.
3) Kitezh shall, at the request of Rebma, provide military aid in defending
Rebma's border waters.
4) Rebma and Kitezh shall work to develop a joint strike force, consisting of
Rebman commando teams and Kitezhka marines.

This treaty is valid for a period of five years, and can be renewed without
revision by mutual agreement, or allowed to lapse without fault or insult.

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