Leyson Dafydd, Former Majordomo of the Embassy Building

Leyson is effectively retired, although he may be +altpinged and brought on for cameo scenes upon request

Leyson is the third son of a third son, and so has very little going for him but his own wits and drive. Fortunately, he has both - yes, and ambition. He dresses with exquisite care, he guides the embassy with all the skill of the driver of an eight-in-hand, and there's remarkably little that goes on in the embassy that he doesn't know (or that he doesn't think he ought to know). If he has any political leanings, nobody knows them.

The thing about Leyson, really, is that he has this great big smile - guileless, charming, sincere - together with a public persona so energetic, so bright and capable and commanding, that nobody ever seems to look past that and his slightly atypical sexual preferences, to the man who makes the embassy staff dance to his tune. Maybe he prefers it that way. No one at the embassy knows what he does in his spare time (what he has of it, anyway), who he keeps for companions outside the embassy, where he spends his paycheck.

Leyson, when last heard of, has returned to Amber.

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