Llewella, Princess of Rebma and Amber

Daughter of Moins and Oberon, Sister to Queen Moire, Mother of Dylan, Iorwerth, Morgana and Caddell.

Llewella is a legitimate daughter of Oberon and Queen Moins of Rebma. She has spent more time in Rebma than in Amber and has been known to spend long periods of time in quiet contemplation or research. She is skilled in mirrors, and politics. A true daughter of both realms, she remains an Adivsor to Queen Moire, her sister, while serving as Exchequer of Amber.

It should be noted that Llewella has taken herself out of Rebma's line of succession.

Llewella has various children who are largely not counted as members of the royal family (with some exceptions):

  • Anthony, settled away from Rebma (NPC)
  • Dylan, son of Marquess Ianto Bauquemare
  • Iorwerth, son of Winn Dilwen, serving in Amber's navy
  • Morgana, daughter of Winn Dilwen, priestess and member of royalty, though not a princess
  • Caddell, son of Winn Dilwen, counted as a member of House Dilwen

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