Simple Magics

With its collection of mysteries and unique environment, it is no surprise that Rebmans have some basic magical abilities, even among those who do not pursue deeper initiations. Small spells that allow fires to burn or ink to write are commonplace in Rebma, and in fact make civilization possible - keeping these spells maintained is the job of hedge wizards who are seen as skilled but not particularly prestigious technicians. Also common is the ability to allow surface dwellers to survive below the surface, but this magic is wreathed in restrictions and tradition that keep it from becoming ubiquitous. However, a Rebman seeking a spouse from the surface world is sure to learn this ability as a first step.

Racial Magics

Some of the other Rebman races have their own magic, most of it tied to their race, but some that can be learned by others. The selkies are shapeshifters, of course, but they also develop the ability to conceal and disguise, and sense borders between shadows and nations. The Sirens are renowned for their voices, and those with their blood share some measure of this power.

Mirror Magic

Mirror magic, also known as catoptromancy by those of an academic bent, was discovered or developed by House Ygrayne during the wars of consolidation. A skilled mirror mage may use mirrors to speak with others, or to cross great distances, as well as scrying and piercing magical illusions. More potent powers are rumored, but rarely confirmed.

The existence of mirror magic is not a secret in Rebma. Non-initiates can learn enough of the magic to trace a contact mirror back to its creator, which makes mirror contact useful enough to be seen frequently in the upper classes. However, the further one studies mirror magic, the more the student is forced to seek out the formal instruction of expert mirror mages. These higher initiates are insular and reclusive, although they are known to be tightly bound to Ygrayne. Their knowledge and power is enough to make them a potent political influence in Rebma, a troubling fact considering their alignment with Ygrayne. Powerful mirror mages who do not align themselves with their brethren are almost unknown.

With their existence certain but their powers less so, mirror mages have created a number of superstitions and traditions in Rebma regarding mirrors. Mirrors are never given as gifts except between trusted friends, unless they are specifically disclaimed as meant for magical contact. In private homes, mirrors are either forsaken or kept covered when not in use. A Rebman who keeps an uncovered mirror in her home, especially one large enough for a person to step through, is making a clear statement of either naivete or personal power.

  • Theory and practice of mirror magic. (IC and OOC info)
  • A Note on the use of mirror magic by non-human Rebmans.

Magic of the Sea

There are simple manipulations of the seas around Rebma, and those who seek the mysteries of the deep learn progressively more subtle and potent manipulations. It is said that anyone who completely understands the seas of Rebma learns to cross through them into any sea throughout Shadow.

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