Prince Martin, Crown Prince/Marshal of Rebma
Fullname: Martin, Crown Prince/Marshal of Rebma
Age: 133
Alias: Marty
Features: Straw blonde/Azure Blue
House: Baron of Icedeep,
Assignment: Prince Marshal of Rebma
Rank: Prince
Titles: Crown Prince of Rebma, Prince of Tides, Prince Marshal of Rebma, Baron Icedeep

Martin, Crown Prince of Rebma, Baron of Icedeep, Lord Marshal

Son of Princess Morganthe and Random of Amber. Grandson of Queen Moire


Martin is the son of Random and Morganthe, daughter of Moire. He was a good grand son and attended regular court. It is known that he learned everything he needed to know about fighting and surviving on land under Benedict primarily secondarily with Deirdre. When he walked the pattern he vanished for a while and returned when Eric was on the throne. He had spent ten years in shadow as a rock star and came back uninterested in politics to the dismay of his grandmother.

Eventually this changed and in recent years he grew up, stepped up and took firm command of Rebma.

Notable Acts

Current Affairs

Martin is: Lord Marshal, Regent of Rebma.

In the past he refused to choose sides then in CY2009 when the city was destroyed he took a stand and swore an oath to protect Rebma forever. There were not that many present and Martin became Lord Marshal, the Navy under his command. He spent several years reconstructing the city and then suddenly vanished on a mission for Princess Fiona.

He returned and took control when Moire went away with her daughter Faiella by taking Militia Command.

He is making changes that not everyone likes.

He is on excellent terms with all the houses of Amber.

He is no longer the irresponsible boy, but now a man rising to power.

He was Regent of Rebma for five years and good at it.

He is married to Princess Miriam of Tir.
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