Captain Merrisol of the Solar Flare
Fullname: Merrisol of the Solar Flare
Age: ~5 yrs (30 in appearance)
Alias: Merri, Kerf… and Fuffy
Features: Wheat Blond / Sea Green
House: Morfilod of Rebma
Assignment: Aquatic Special Ops
Rank: Captain
Titles: Lord Warden of the Deep, LT-COL (Army), CPT (Navy)


A New Year's Day amnesiac with a fabulous red coat but no name, he became known as Kerfuffle to his new friends. Only some weeks later did he make the discovery that he had apparently been a Minosian pirate captain going by the name Merrisol. Accepting it, and the charges of hijacking/kidnapping a Begman ship and crew, he surrendered to his friend Maggie, who, as it turned out, was the sea captain assigned to the bounty. Since then, a series of revelations and events have so complicated the matter that Merrisol continues to roam Amber as a free man. As far as heritage goes, he's very much a mixed bag: looks like a Kite; dresses like a Minosian; talks like a Begman; and moves like a Rebman. House Morfilod of Rebma claimed him for a son after he searched for and recovered the Begman ship, an unusual submarine named The Solar Flare, which he now commandeers in service to the Lord Regent of Rebma, Martin. Throughout all this, he is still without anecdotal memories from Before, save for one garbled glimpse of his last moments as two separate men.

Note: Information should be considered OOC by default, but if you feel your character has discovered any given detail by way of association or appropriate research, feel free to use it. :)

Curriculum Vitae

  • Education: Begman Primary, Elementary, Secondary, and Post-Secondary education, focusing on Technicals, Marine Biology, Anthropology, Archaeology. Minosian Primary, Ink/Parchment Apprenticeship
  • Career Path: Deckhand (The Illumination), Captain (The Eclipse), Supply Sergeant (Rebman Navy), Shipper/Receiver (Amber Harbour Warehouse), First Officer (The Wave Dancer), Captain (The Solar Flare)
  • Skills of Note: Logistics, Shipboard Operations, Swimming, Weaponed Combat, Dance (particularly partnered, especially underwater), Mechanics, Carpentry.
  • Hobbies and Interests: Marine Research, Applied Chemistry, Tinkering, Rewriting Rules of Etiquette, Playing Tetris with Cargo, Problem-solving, Nature Crafting.
  • Strengths: Determination, Intensity, Empathy, Creativity, Logic, Brawn.
  • Challenges: Magic, Mirrors, Memory, Mother, and 'Me Time'.

Notable Acts

  • Assisted in the recovery of The Wave Dancer from Minos open waters.
  • Joined The Wave Dancer as First Mate under Captain Flame (Maggie).
  • Assisted in Vialle's rescue from a cavern in Shadow.
  • Investigated the Red Algae menace in Rebma.
  • Assisted in the ritual sacrifice of Sol to sanctify part of the palace grounds in Rebma.
  • Recovered The Solar Flare, the lost Begman submersible, from Minos Undersea.
  • Was inducted into House Morfilod by name, but insisted the names of Lady Petra's two lost children be recognized as well.
  • Assisted in the rescue of captive Rebmans from the Dragon Queen's forces in the ghost city of Emor.
  • Assisted in the capture of the traitor Evadyr Ygrayne.
  • Assisted with Gerard's quest in the Shadow Terra Ki.
  • Assisted with various missions in Gerard's campaign to renew Kitezh.
  • Investigated the attempted murder of the Great Archives librarians.
  • Assisted in journeys to Tir-Na Nog'th seeking prophecy and enlightenment.
  • Received posting in the Rebman Military to oversee supply and troop logistics, rank of Major. Resigned from The Wave Dancer accordingly.
  • Investigated the cold case of Rebman disappearances during the Deep Menagerie tour.
  • Assisted in the rescue mission to It'rla, the forgotten undersea city of Kelpies.
  • Assisted in the investigation into Minos' storm wall issues.
  • Re-ignited reputation as a Pirate Captain of Minos, sparking a feud with one-time hunter and captor Captain Flame (Maggie).
  • Assisted in releasing the Minosian Island of Antika from a storm wall.
  • Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel in the Rebma Military by Martin at Court.
  • Given dispensation to oversee undersea environmental projects and investigations as Warden of the Deep.
  • Inducted into the Rebman Order of Merit for achievements in Rebma.
  • Coordinated Rebman rescue teams when Amber's harbour and lower city was hit by a tsunami.
  • Assisted in allowing more of the Minosian storm goddess to manifest while relieving the overall strength of the storm walls in Minos.
  • Assisted in discovery and investigation of chaos-tainted organic matter released into the Rebman currents.
  • Directed an expedition into a Lost City of Rebma (The Dead City).
  • Duelled with Captain Flame before several witnessing ships after months of build-up in Minos.
  • Agreed to ceasefire with Captain Flame, under pressure from Amethyst of Amber, Martin of Rebma, and Miriam of Tir, and contractually married Maggie.
  • Commanded a daring submarine exploration of sinister occurrences above the Soldieve Deeps.
  • Assisted with the Wave Dancer's guiding a Kitezhka clan through Shadow to the reborn Kitezh realm.
  • Assisted in protecting the new settlement Kitezh from a troupe of giant bears.
  • Assisted in the rescue of a captured crew from two storm-crazed pirate ships in Minos.
  • Assisted in the protection of the Wave Dancer when a Royal Navy expedition to Shadow encountered elder god The Golden Hunter.
  • Co-directed the preparations for and locating an Alhambran site to which the Golden Hunter was lured and ambushed, participating in battle.
  • Assisted in the final data-gathering expedition into the Minos storms.
  • Assisted in the investigation of an old Alhambran oasis and Ifrit temple revealed by star magic.
  • Assisted Ruby in adventures through shadow requiring incredible feats of physical prowess and strength.
  • Attended a meeting of the Minosian peerage and supported Ruby's induction into the Captaincy.
  • Assisted Ailith of Solaris in her quest to raise land in Lyonesse out of the ocean depths.
  • Assisted Ruby's efforts to build a large storm cannon in Kitezh, which failed catastrophically.
  • Took part in research and investigation into a dire new prophecy by Princess Miriam concerning the waning powers of Rebma, leading expeditions into the Deeps in search of "dying stars".
  • Co-directed a mission to infiltrate and take control of a sacred site in the Silver City, one of Rebma's fabled lost cities.
  • Assisted in Ruby's new schemes for tracking down rare and dangerous beasts. One of these trips results in the liberation of a mystical whale.
  • Led an expedition to the Great Labyrinth below the palace, after being tipped off about a sinister plot to gain access via catacombs. A strange accident leaves him concussed on the eve of Lord Regent Martin's wedding to Princess Miriam.
  • Declared himself Queen of Rebma in a special session of Court, the claim supported by Martin and other trustworthy officials, who were convinced Moire's spirit resided in and controlled his vessel.
  • Controlled by the spirit of Moire, made various declarations and held courts, notably to reclaim the Deep Throne, and establish a line of succession.
  • Occupied the Dreamlands for a prolonged period as two separate beings, building a sustained narrative.
  • Restored control over his body through Dashton Feldane's rituals and surgeon Murdoch's medical care.
  • Assisted in Ruby's epic fleet venture into shadow, commanding a squadron of ships into battle.
  • Has been mentioned in: Expired Gossips

Hooks and Story Arcs

  • The Solar Flare! This Rebman-inspired Begman Deep Sea Exploratory Vessel is capable of deeper dives than the large submersibles in Shadow, and is a unique opportunity for non-Rebmans to adventure to faraway undersea locales, outside of the enchanted zone of Rebma's capital. One would only need to endure the possibility of a near-fatal malfunction along the way. Staying well away from mainland Amber, her existence is not exactly widely recognized, but as tales of the SF's exploits make their way through the rumour mills of Rebma, Amber, and even Begma, it has become entirely possible for an individual to have heard of the unusual submarine.
  • What's in a Pirate Name? Around Minos, the name Merrisol was the known moniker of a Pirate Captain between 15 and 3 years ago. It is said his captain name somehow alludes to a feat of prowess and endurance that won him his fine ship. His most notable crime revolved around the hijacking of a unique submersible from Begma and the disappearance of its crew. After a manhunt and battle at sea between his ship The Eclipse and The Wave Dancer (Captain Flame), the pirate disappeared, and a few weeks later, an amnesiac of not quite matching appearance claimed his name, and title, and… the heart of Captain Flame herself? Well.. that was presumptuous..
  • The Gears of Justice… turn slowly in Begma. The Ministry of Extraditional Jurisdiction has registered the capture of Merrisol, but it has yet to assign the prosecution team, assemble evidence, subpoena witnesses, arrange transfer of the prisoner from Minos (or Amber, once they discover Merrisol had never been delivered to Minos). The submersible crew, the inventor, and his wife and son, continue to be missing persons involved the case, which has already faded from the public consciousness. Slowly however, the Bureau of Foreign Experimentation is piecing together reports which suggest the Solar Flare is no longer lost, and is in fact in the possession of one Captain Merrisol. The day is coming when some lucky clerk will piece it all together.
  • The Talented Mr. Merrisol..
    • (SKL-AJ, STY-OR) held a Supply Sergeant posting while in the Rebman Navy for several years, as being a Rebman with Begman upbringing he excelled in details-oriented work, mathematics calculation, and understanding bureaucratic practices. As first officer aboard the Wave Dancer for a year, he was in charge of managing the crew and seeing orders carried out. He accepted a position in Rebma's Military Logistics division and took charge of the supply chain in anticipation of war with Corwin.
    • (SKL-SC) is considered within the Rebman Navy, Minos, and some points within the Golden Circle to be a competent and bold Captain. On both the Eclipse and the Wave Dancer, he gained the respect and admiration of the crew, if only temporarily in the case of the latter. Former submarine crew since returned to Begma speak of his daring undersea manoeuvres and stunts, although they are contractually unable to describe the sub itself.
    • (ANI-EM) has a naturalist's mentality and spends a significant amount of time observing animals in their environment without interfering in their activities or personifying their behaviour. Perhaps as a result, animals have tended to approach him and initiate interaction. He has also assisted in locating and acclimatizing animals to others (and vice versa), and educating others on animal characteristics and behaviours, particularly in regards to marine species. The communal closeness has developed into a mystical knack for reading and influencing animal instinct.
    • (ANI-SP) in furthering his marine specialities and in conjunction with his empathetic sense for animals in general, goes out of his way to study the diverse communication methods of ocean life. From mammal clicks and whistles, to the chromatic flashes and swim patterns of fish and molluscs, to pheromone responses of base invertebrates, he has made educated attempts to decipher their language and then state their current intent or need. At some point inadvertent communication began to occur in random flukes. Since then he has become increasingly adept at conversing with ocean-dwelling creatures.
    • (NAT-GT, GAR-BR) is as interested in plants as he is animals, and is known to study them, offer trivia, and collect unusual samples when possible. During the Red Algae Plague in Rebma, he examined isolated samples in a shadow lab. He has made fun arrangements of mundane flowering plants, and creatively cultivated coral and kelp for decorative purposes, and also developed practical products which harness the natural properties of the plants he finds in his explorations.
    • (CRF-CR) demonstrates a knack for hands-on creation of items. He is more likely to construct something from base materials, than go purchase the ready-to-use product. He has created personal gifts, accessories, clothing from found/harvested materials, devised water filtration and lever-activated home defence systems, and has been involved in small-scale renovation and remodelling of houses. His current interest is in engineering usable (and colourfully nifty) items from the unusual matter he finds in his explorations.
    • (BEG-TN) has been studying his acquired Begman submarine for some months now, and having become acquainted with several Begman engineers and artificers and their works, he has been motivated to step up his own gadgeteering prowess. So far his devices have been geared towards producing light and sound, perpetual motion, and undersea solutions.
    • (SEA-SK) has been the Go-To Guy for receiving the temporary ability for underwater breathing, and depth and exposure survival. And he considers it a Very Serious Responsibility.
    • (PPL-GI) has offered effective insights, whether weighing in on his Regent's political options or the dilemmas of his cohorts. Over time he has developed an earnest ability for empowering others to confront their challenges and succeed.
    • (DRM-SP) over the past year, the Dreamlands were home to Merri's souls, constructing a persistent domain within which to resolve their differences, or not. Consequently, he now has found himself able to reach the dream realm at will when he sleeps.
  • We, The People… and Merrisol is always game for an underdog cause, especially where it concerns an oppressed person or populace, wrongful imprisonment, human (and humane) rights, class struggle… and ORPHANS. The means must support the ends, however, and he is known to reject or disapprove of scenarios where a Magical Fix-All is offered. Creative solutions, risk-taking, and rule-breaking are a GO.

Notable Innovations

  • Kelp Paper and Aquatic Ink Pens
  • Light and Heat Reactive Kelp Textiles
  • Doohickeys featuring flight, light, music, and movement

Known Associates

Beyond mere acquaintance, these fine allies have shared his company on numerous occasions and likely will continue to do so.

Name Status Notes Name Status Notes
Maggie Sooper Couple See also: It's Complicated. But also: Epic! Martin Bromance Not that kind of Bromance! Really.
Liyandra Buddies It's Natural. Ryika Budgies Co-Conspiracy Enabler.
Raphaela Buddies It's Mad Science! Meijanri Friends Slinky Friends!
Amethyst Friends It's… Purple. Miriam Friends Princesses Gone Wild!
Quinlan Friends Yesss… another guy! Vialle Friends ..In High Palaces.
Ruby Friends Truth! Mercier Friends On Retainer, for free!
Marlene Friends Begmaniacal Influence Betta Friends After a rocky start…
Wulf Friends Merri-Man… -_- Justin Friends Mister, I'll Make a Man Outta You~
Celeste Friendly Patiently Gamil Friends Ghulfriends!
Dirk Friends … … …HOW?? Gerard Friendly Prince Awesome
Tessa Friends Strange gal.. Ailith Friends Her inspirational deeds
Shao First Bros Amnesiacs' Club Sol Friends Fatal Stabbing = Free Drinks Forever!
Sidonie Friendly Dat Cutlass Moire Estranged Never Again
Maereina Friendly Just Business Viktor Friendly Would-be Liege
Gaval Friendly In-Law Wha? Chase Friendly Allies of Incarnate
Giselle Friendly Party On Robert Civil Beware the Stabby
Dashton Friends Fabulouser Jacket??! Wynter Friendly Allies of Incarnate

Notable NPCs

Emits and creative control of these characters generally fall to the Player. Please inquire before using them.

  • The Urchins - Gaberal (15), Sofia (14), Wilhelmina (13), Patrick (11), Jau Yee (10), Chester (9), Sela (8)
  • The Crew - Mr. Moore (Communications), Ms. Cristholm (Navigation), Mr. Lockwood (Fluid Dynamics Engineer), Miss Laurenna Kirkman (Systems Operator)
  • The Ghoul - Brigsby Brigolfr (created by Gerard)
  • The Mother, Aunt, and Cousin - Lady Petra Morfilod, Lady Marilla Morfilod, Lady Rilla Morfilod
  • The Diva - Lady Surafyc Dilwen
  • The Alpha - Gerath of the Feasting
  • The Selkie - LT Nalwin
  • The Pirate Bard - Captain Scallion
  • The Critter - Mimic the Cuttlefish

Character Notes

  • Not a fan of mirrors. Spends the minimum of time mirror-gazing. This explains his losing at poker at lot.
  • Sings inexcusably off-key. Otherwise has a good sense of rhythm and measure, and an appreciation for music. Oh well.
  • Reconciled his mistrust and wariness of magic, but now has a kind of faith-y awe for it that oft-times puts him at odds with those who seem careless about it.
  • Remembers things since forgotten or dismissed by others. This could be because he only has to deal with real memories going back five years.
  • So serious about things! Makes it easy to prank or trick him, but also to engage his attention, and to have an impact on, and to matter to him.
  • Struggles with control issues resulting from rigid governing of self, his dual-nature, and his environment.
  • Internalizes a lot of his thought process. Typically will not explain his choices, or offer excuses. Avoids pointless talk. Refuses to belabour a point. Doesn't interrupt.
  • Is, however, capable of talking a great great deal, when specifically asked to speak on a topic. Which shows he was definitely paying attention.
  • Is most impressed by natural autonomy, critical thinking, and emotional sincerity in others.
  • Intensely opposed to trivializing shadow and the idea they exist for the whims of Royals.
  • Comes off as chivalrous, but judging by certain quirks, there is more history to his behaviour towards women than a set of archaic rules.
  • Basically unable to tell any lady she could be in mortal peril, while in his company. Is vaguely stressed by this.
  • A compilation of knowledge ICly gained about Lirre through NPC research:
  • A compilation of knowledge ICly gained about Sorensen through Betta's research:
  • Details from Lirre's Past as yet unknown to the character:


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