Lady Morgana of the Royal House of Rebma

Daughter of her Highness, Princess Llewella, and Wynn Dilwen.

Her Excellency (Her Reverenced Excellency if you are Rebman) Lady Morgana, Ambassador Plenipotentiary of Her Majesty, Queen Moire. Head of the Rebman Embassy, Proxy of the Deep Throne. Priestess of Lir.

Daughter of Llewella and the late Wynn Dilwen. A lifelong member of Moire's court and a priestess. About 130 years old. Reputed to be a prophet or seer, she emerged from a ten year seclusion in an obscure Rebman hermitage some years ago with the Great Prophecy for the Rebman People that heralded the birth of Princess Faiella.

She is now serving as ambassador to Amber, and though she shares her mother's blood ties to Amber and is particularly friendly to her relatives through her mother's father's side, it is said there are few more devout subjects of Rebma than she, though many marvel that someone so young and politically untested should be named ambassador.

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