Lord Mostyn Dafydd, Secretary to the Ambassador

Son of Tesni (Servalle's younger sister) and twin brother to the late Heulwen, Mostyn's a very young noble of House Dafydd with virtually no reputation or resume upon arrival at the embassy. He was sent tagging along behind the Rebma embassy a few weeks late to act as a personal secretary to Servalle, in a typical bit of House nepotism. (There are rumors that he was sent to the surface to get him away from some mess back home, but his family isn't discussing the details.)

Mostyn quickly distinguished himself in his service to the embassy, and was knighted by Queen Moire as well as being promoted to majordomo of the embassy by his uncle. It is probably true that this wasn't just for his reputation for almost punctilious efficiency.

He continues to hold the title of majordomo, but is currently on leave from his duties in the wake of Servalle's death.

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