** Nerida**
Fullname: Nerida
Age: Unknown
Features: Green hair, sea green eyes

Skills and Hooks

  • Gods: She's highly interested in learning about the gods of any shadow.
  • Mysteries: These delight her. She explores almost any mystery she finds, trying to solve it. Secrets are just as tasty.
  • Partial Amnesia: She remembers the last several years clearly, and Rebma, though she doesn't know who her family is, when she last left Rebma, or what led to her amnesia.
  • Shadow: She likes exploring shadows, especially those with large seas, and can always use a ship and/or fighty sort to accompany her.
  • Shapeshifting: She's a shapeshifter, though she's not limited to just one form.

Physical Features

This woman is young and clearly Rebman in ancestry. Her hair is pale green and reaches her waist, curling toward the end. Her skin is green as well, though paler, so in most lights or at first glance it could resemble alabaster more than pale jade. She's slender, but for gentle feminine curves. Still, it looks like she's active, likely swimming given her hair and skin. She has tattoos curling up her arms in swirls which partially obscure arcane symbols mingled in with them.

She wears a long, blue-green skirt that rests low on her hips and falls to her feet, which are clad in light tan sandals. A halter top covers her torso, a paler shade than her skirt. A single necklace rests on a silver chain, the pendant disappearing just beneath the neckline of her halter.

Recent Events

  • Dec 2013 - Returned to Amber after an absence of an unknown number of years.
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