New Rebman Character

We appreciate your interest in Rebma, and look forward to helping you make a character that is interesting to play, engaged in the group and the game as a whole, and above all else, Awesome.

The first thing you'll want to do is look over the information we have on this site; Rebma is sadly underdeveloped in the novels. Most of the content here is new and exclusive to the game.

Following are considerations for a Rebman character concept:

  • It is important to give your character the means and opportunity to meet with a wide variety of the playerbase. The Rebman Throne has established a full, formal delegation to Amber, so there is a large Embassy in the city which is considered Rebma territory and is home and work to diplomats, specialists, security, and support staff.
  • Nobility characters have an instant connection to family, friends, and rivals of their House. Rebma has three Great Houses and a number of minor houses. While some members may be invested in powerplays at Court or within their family structure, the nobility of Rebma is like any other, full of third sons and unmarried daughters who may wish to seek their fortune outside of Rebma proper.
  • Pure-blood Rebman or Half-Rebman? Many Rebman characters choose to have a second bloodline, Amber Royalty or Nobility, or from the Golden Circle, thereby expanding their ready-made connections outside of Rebma.
  • Additional bloodline options in Rebma are available for an extra layer of flavour and access to some unique gifts: Sirens and Selkies.

There are a few concepts, however, that will not work within the game, and we ask that they be avoided altogether, to avoid disappointment:

  • The Rebman Royal Line. With the exception of Llewella kidbits, there are no unaccounted offspring descended from the Queens of Rebma. The feature character Martin does not have kidbits available.
  • At the moment, there are no provisions in the game for strictly aquatic race characters. This may or may not change in the future, but for now all characters should be able to survive and function above water and in human society.

Once you have a concept in mind, you may wish to contact Martin, or any other member of the Rebma organization (+rwho reb, in game) to discuss your concept. They may be willing to provide hooks to tie your story into theirs, or point you in the direction of someone who will. If there's no one who has a background you can tie into, Martin, Enid, and Merrisol can help you with developing your own background to tie into Rebma overall.

Once you have a good idea of character and background, you can go through normal chargen; the staff is wonderfully helpful in bringing a solid concept to fruition.

Concepts Wanted:

  • Captain of the Embassy Guard: The Embassy in Amber has guards, and while playing a guard is probably not too exciting, the Captain of the Guard has opportunities for play, without being tied to the Embassy building round the clock. (Contact: Vialle)
  • Craftsperson of mystical items for Rebmans.
  • Navy-oriented personnel, or a Privateer for Rebma.
  • Noble family members of any House (a good group concept in particular!).
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