Nimue Mairwen, Cultural Affairs Attache in Amber and Bard

Member of House Mairwen

Her mother, Afon, is a known scholar, with duties within the Palace library, while her father, Glyndwer, is a scribe within the palace, working for various members of the Major houses in copying papers or writing up decrees as needed. She has two siblings, an older brother (Myrddin) and younger sister (Mererid). Her brother has followed their mother's footsteps in scholarly pursuits, while also courting a young woman from another of the minor houses. Her sister is young enough to be still at home, under various tutors.

Nimue is a bard of some skills, and has recently been appointed to the empty position of Culture Affairs Attache to the embassy within Amber. Her appointment might have surprised a few people within Rebma, but no real questions have been raised about Moire's choice.

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