Noble Houses

The Royal Family of Rebma is comparatively small: Queen Moire, in her deathless coma; Princess Llewella, the Rebman Amberite; Princess Faiella, child of Corwin and Moire; and Lord Regent Martin, who sits the Throne while the child is brought up by Lir's Priestesses. Martin may be a charismatic and earnest ruler, but he cannot run an entire nation by himself. Therefore, just as in Amber, a network of powerful, resource-laden noble Houses support the monarchy and guide the common folk in their loyalty and productivity accordingly.

Each of the Great Houses in Rebma is roughly as powerful as the minor nobility of Amber, or the ruling houses of the other Golden Circle shadows.

Currently, the following Houses are defined:

Major Houses

The territories of the major houses in Rebma are known as Marches, and the Houses are led by a Marchioness (Female) and/or a Marquess (Male), while the heirs to the Houses are titled Countess or Count. In matters of precedence in Amber they are considered equivalent to an Amberite Count.

  • Bauquemare - A house that claims territory on the borders of Rebma; known for its knowledge of secret ways and waters.
  • Dilwen - A house of historians and clerics.
  • Ygrayne - A house wealthy from the profits of its artisans and reputedly the originators of mirror magic.

Minor Houses

The territories of the minor houses in Rebma are considered Counties, and the Houses are led by a Countess and/or Count, while the heirs to the Houses are titled Baroness or Baron. In matters of precedence in Amber they are considered to stand below a Count but above the general nobility.

  • Dafydd - A house with a notable contribution to the bureaucracy of Rebma.
  • Morfilod - A house of intrepid whalers and Golden Circle merchants who have ventured into politics.
  • Mairwen - A house of poets and orators.

Additional Houses

The Major Houses have been established, but there is room for minor houses to be added if required by concept.

Noble Titles

Several titles have been established in Rebma and serve specific purposes or have requirements to receive them.
Marquess/Marchioness - Head of one of the Major Houses
Count/Countess - Head of one of the Minor Houses or Heir to Major House
Baron/Baroness - Heir to a Minor House or titled when awarded a small territory.
Lord/Lady - All other family members in the Noble Houses are titled Lord/Lady. Also awarded for exceptional service to the Crown.
Knight - Only granted by the Queen, though titled Nobles may nominate someone.

Additional Titles

Minor titles are frequently awarded for outstanding service to the Crown, and many an influential noble will have a small personal Barony or the like, representing no more than a small amount of territory and honors at Court. These titles are effectively meaningless outside of Rebma.

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