Noble Houses

All Rebmans are said to be nobly-born and equally entitled to respect and protection within the realm. That said, political power is still distributed unevenly and one's level of privilege and opportunity is still dictated by the family to which one belongs. Just as in Amber, a network of powerful, resource-laden noble Houses support the monarchy, manage city operations, and guide the minor nobility and common citizens in their loyalty and productivity accordingly.

Currently, the following Houses are defined:

Great Houses

The territories of the major families in Rebma are known as Marches, and the Houses are led by a Marchioness (Female) and/or a Marquess (Male), while the heirs to the Houses are titled Countess or Count. Each of the Great Houses in Rebma is roughly as powerful as the Minor Houses of Amber, or the ruling families of the other Golden Circle shadows. In matters of precedence in Amber a Marchioness is considered equivalent to an Amberite Countess.

  • Bauquemare - A house that claims territory on the borders of Rebma; known for its knowledge of secret ways and waters.. and wealth.
  • Dilwen - A house of historians, clerics, and alchemists.
  • Ygrayne - A house wealthy from the profits of its artisans and arcanists; reputedly the originators of mirror magic.

Lesser Houses

The territories granted to several minor houses in Rebma are considered Counties, and are led by a Countess and/or Count, while the heirs to these Crown-recognized bloodlines are titled Baroness or Baron. In matters of precedence in Amber they are considered to stand below a Count but above the general nobility.

  • Dafydd - A ranching house with a notable contribution to the bureaucracy of Rebma.
  • Morfilod - A house of intrepid whalers and entrepreneurs who have ventured into politics.
  • Mairwen - A house of poets, orators, gifted artists, and stonemasons.

Additional Houses

The Great Houses of Rebma have been established, but minor houses are many; new names can be proposed if required by concept. These names would not necessarily be attached to lands in the realm; to attain such a resource, the family must be specially recognized at Court for outstanding service to the Throne. Otherwise, they typically take up residence and work on the established holdings of a Great or Lesser House, or are working citizens within the capital.

Noble Titles

Several titles have been established in Rebma and serve specific purposes or have requirements to receive them. Though all Rebman blood is considered noble, only those individually or whose house is recognized by the Throne in Deep Court may expect to be addressed with a title. The address otherwise is normally "(Name) of (Family or Place of Residence)".
Marquess/Marchioness - Head of one of the Major Houses.
Count/Countess - Head of one of the Minor Houses or Heir to Major House.
Baron/Baroness - Heir to a Minor House or titled when awarded a small territory.
Lord/Lady - All other family members in the Noble Houses are titled Lord/Lady. Also awarded for exceptional service to the Crown.
Sir/Dame - Knighthoods in a Rebman Order, including the Holy Order of Eilrahc, are only granted by the Queen or Regent, though the High-Priestess of Lir or heads of nobility may recommend a person to be so honoured.

Additional Titles

Minor titles are frequently awarded for outstanding service to the Crown, and many an influential noble will have a small personal Barony or the like, representing no more than a small amount of territory and honours at Court. These titles are effectively meaningless outside of Rebma.

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