Rebman Military

The Crown maintains a large garrison outside the capital, and a standing army of 2,000 Rebmans and other underwater denizens, to patrol the city limits and guard against attacks by predators, amongst other intruders. The number is touted rather than verified, and in actuality could either be much lower or much higher, depending on the strategic intent behind the boast. An indisputable fact is that the core of Rebma's military strength are the Tritons, who are said to be each worth ten of their fellow troopers in terms of hardiness and combat prowess.

Rebman blood or the ability to survive underwater is a must-have for soldiers due to having to leave the city limits during rare emergencies to assist the Special Forces units in defending the farther reaches of underwater territory. As the water passing through the city's enchanted dome has different physical properties to accommodate topsider guests, and diplomatic allies, all soldiers are acclimated to the differences in urban warfare and battle outside Rebma proper.

During times of declared war, their priority is to defend the city and its residents, leaving the surface battles to the Navy regiment, and undersea territory skirmishes to the Special Forces and Militias. In cases of breaches to the city defenses, they may be required to assist the Royal Guard in defending the Palace.

Infantry wear partial light ceramic plate and shell armor in blue trimmed with gold, favoring mobility in protecting only the head, forearms, shins, and chest to groin. Spears and nets, harpoons, and short knives are their typical arms, and their combat style is to puncture and gaff, and let their ally the Sea do the rest in removing the enemy's blood from their body.

Heavy Infantry, mainly the Tritons of over 8ft standing height, are prodigiously strong, tough, and agile, and able to wear bulkier armor without compromising their superior edge over the average enemy soldier. They are usually armed with trident and short sword, having the necessary power to put into their swings to effectively rip into enemies, and shields or chain nets.

RP Note: Comfort and maneuverability underwater is every Rebman soldier's combat advantage, and a flatlander enemy of equal strength and armament who clashes with a Rebman in his/her native element will need to be well-trained in such an environment, or be inevitably outmatched. (Specifically NPC vs. NPC. PCs will naturally overcome these odds but acknowledging the challenges will give victory a greater significance.)

The following code words are in use by the military forces of Rebma. The uninitiated must provide a legitimate reason their character would have knowledge of these words as code, before RPing their use.

A Algae
B Bathy
C Chiton
D Dorado
E Esca
F Flounder
G Guppy
H Herring
I Ichthy
J Jelly
K Kelpie
L Lamprey
M Manta
N Nereid
O Orca
P Pisces
Q Quahog
R Remora
S Salmon
T Tuna
U Urchin
V Vitae
W Whelk
X Xenos
Y Yaw
Z Zander

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