Rebman Militias

For every Rebman-held territory throughout the realm, there are men-at-arms trained to see to its defense, their numbers dependent on the strategic value of the holding. In the case of the Counties and Marches, they are usually formed by members of the residing houses with previous military experience, or who have been knighted by the Throne. These and candidates from the lesser nobility comprise a regiment of combat-ready civilians, called a Militia, with the usual levels of leadership ranks sorted among them. Not only do they carry out magisterial orders from the Count(ess) or Marchioness/Marquess, they are called upon first during times of attack by predators, outlaws, or natural disasters.

Depending on the family resources and revenue stream from industry within the holding, the Militia may be powerful enough to defend the territory; or else a message must be hurriedly dispatched to neighbouring territories or, Lir Forbid, to the Capital in order to plead with the Queen for assistance from the Rebman Military. While assistance is typically always granted, the political dynamics from ensuing favours, perceptions of weakness, and insufferable smugness will invariably come into play. As no faction particularly wants to appear frail before the nation's eyes, a strong Militia is one of their top priorities.

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