Rebman Navy

Here, the term Navy refers to any Rebman military presence operating close to or above the water's surface. At first glance, this may not appear like much of a defense to an invading armada, but those who have studied the great naval battles between Rebma and various nations know of the devastating results of forcing one's fleet into their territory.

The Royal Rebman Navy is tasked to provide maritime security along the three borders of the Rebman Triangle and as well the surface space above the city outskirts of the Rebman capital. Aside from a number of personal vessels serving as Privateers, the fleet will not tend to venture beyond the borders of the sovereign territory. However, they have been known to travel some distances to come to the aid of the Amber Navy in times of war. One popular example is the Amber-Minos War, during which Rebma is said to have helped sink a thousand enemy ships.


Due to ongoing procurements, peacetime decommissioning, and general mysteriousness, the actual number of sailing ships in the fleet can be anywhere between 50 and 60. This number is divided into 4 flotillas: Carba, Arbac, Cabra, and Rivlok. These names denote the general region of patrols for each, as well as a port of operations within that area. Each flotilla is a group of 10 to 15 experienced frigates, clippers, and sloops-of-war all under one commander who answers to the Fleet Admiral of Rebma (usually AKA the Marshal).

Armaments range from ballista and catapult, to a complement of archers or javelin-throwers. The crew are generally at least some part Rebman blood, and are combat-trained in boarding actions. Each ship bears a contingent of Marines capable of taking to the waters to wreak potentially mortal damage beneath the waves. Non-Rebmans favoured by the Throne and those seeking to curry Rebma's favour are also known to serve in this division of the military force, as there is no strict water-breathing requirement for sailors.

In addition to the tall ships, the realm's sentient Dolphin race, along with Selkies and other less numerous aquatic folk, comprise the part of the Navy that enemy ships do not tend to notice, until their hulls are compromised and taking on water. During times of tension between nations, any ship granted passage through the Triangle may be unknowingly monitored by one of these unseen squads.


In cases of partial-blooded candidates from other allied realms (ie. the Golden Circle) who are sent to serve a tour of duty in the defense of Amber: They are given the option to join the ranks of the Rebman Navy, for the strategic position of the Rebman Triangle is as significant to Amber's defense as the forest of Arden. Amber maintains quite a wide shipping channel to and from Amber City, as well as the coastal waters leading to the Royal Shipyards, however given the proximity to the sovereign borders, Rebma can and does help monitor incoming and outgoing traffic.

A regularly-updated listing of Amber-owned naval vessels are able to make unfettered use of dedicated routes through the territory due to a long-standing edict by Queen Moins. In the same vein, intelligence on noted dissidents and enemies of Rebma or Amber is maintained so that naval spotters may identify potential trespassers attempting to enter or depart Amber's ports.

Outside of the official count are the Privateers, personally-owned and specifically named ships whose captains are granted a Letter of Marque by the Crown to operate on behalf of Rebma. While given freer range and looser conditions than the Navy, there are certain deplorable actions which will still result in the commission being revoked, and even the ship's condemnation. These include various reported heinous acts of piracy or atrocity on the open seas, and serious political missteps, especially during times of peace.

RP Notes

The highest concentration of ships would be around the area of the Arbac Lighthouse near the Isles of the Sun and Fort Sejak. There is a mysteriously immovable large fog bank located within that corner that makes it difficult to determine exact numbers by spyglass sightings alone.

Trespassing in the Rebman Triangle is quite obviously taken so seriously that a single warning to turn one's ship around is usually all one gets. The stories of various wrecks occupying the deep seabeds are testament to this fact.

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