Rebman Royal Guard

These fifty-odd soldiers hand-picked from the ranks for guard detail at the Palace of Rebma have demonstrated unwavering, untouchable loyalty and discretion. They are the guards regularly seen posted at the gates and entrances, and within the Throne Room. They do not stray far from the Palace Grounds unless they are escorting the Queen or specifically assigned to the protection of another dignitary. To that end, Royal Guard are encouraged to learn simple mirror messaging, and cantrips for aquatic adaptation of mundane objects, for that extra useful edge. All Royal Guards have done a tour in Amber as guards at the Rebma Embassy, where they are trained in decorum and diplomacy.

Given it is their sworn duty to protect the individual to whom they have been assigned, these warriors are well within their rights to haul their charge bodily away from a reasonable threat, although decorum dictates they will offer withdrawal as a choice, first. It is considered bad behavior on the VIP's part to fail to heed the safety 'suggestions' of their assigned Royal Guards.

Training and assignment is conducted by a Captain of the Guard, who answers the Regent and Lord Marshal. In the event of a serious threat to the Queen, the Palace, or its residents, the Captain has the authority to take command of a regular military unit for the purpose of bolstering defenses.

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