Rebman Special Forces

Highly-specialized and combat-trained Rebmans, sly and charming Selkies, and mighty Triton warriors comprise the elite units which undertake dangerous missions for the Throne. They are known to go far afield to conduct reconnaissance, infiltration, and liberation of persons, items, and places of interest to the Lord Marshal or Her Royal Majesty. It is not unusual for a team to have a 'guest star' from another military division, or have to work with/escort/babysit one or a few civilian 'specialists', as long as it is specially requested by the Lord Marshal or Queen. Due to the element of strategic timing, the details of many missions only come to light after they have already concluded.

NOTE: In order to claim accurate IC knowledge of Rebman Special Forces details, one must have either been a participant in a noted event or had the knowledge ICly revealed by another PC who fills the requirement. It is always advisable to RP knowledge gain accordingly. Please contact Merrisol with questions.

Special Forces Recon
AKA "Mosaic", teams undertake scouting through territory, uncharted or otherwise, that is suspected to hold unknown quantities of enemy activity. Through observation, hunting, and tracking skills, they gather intelligence on the numbers, movements, and targets of the enemy to bring back to a commanding officer, or the Lord Marshal, so that any ensuing battles are informed, effective, and meet with success. As these teams are adept in defensive strategies, they are also sent in to conduct safe withdrawal or retreat of other team from enemy territory. Rebmans make up the majority of the numbers as their ability to lay in wait patiently and their deductive skills are generally superior to those of the Triton and Selkie races.
Mission Reference: "Locate Dragon Queen's Tomb", "Support Raid on Emor", "Search Bay of Kitezh"
Established NPCs: SGT Llyrad (Rebman)

Special Forces Strike
AKA "Mantis", teams are sent in to difficult spots to clear enemies with extreme prejudice and attain a vital goal expediently. No flashy and protracted battle this, but a decisive, often dirty, raid on a key target that is capable of ending a wider conflict in one fell swoop.. even if just to cause a temporary cease-fire or retreat of the enemy. While most of the squads are geared towards aquatic strikes and comprised mostly of Tritons, there is at least one amphibious squad of Rebmans and Selkies, for topside targets.
Mission Reference: "Rescue Captives from Emor", "Eels Eels Eels", "Eradicate Chthyte Infestation"
Established NPCs: LT-Commander Alareon (Triton)

Special Forces Stealth
AKA "Medusae", teams or individuals infiltrate enemy or unknown territory, and achieve their objectives through concealing their presence or by subterfuge and disguise. They often spend time cultivating inside contacts through bribery, blackmail, seduction, and other underhanded tactics. Selkies obviously excel at these activities, and make up about half of the active operatives currently in the field. Half-blooded Rebmans lacking the distinctive colouring of their Rebman bloodline are also valued by recruiters.
Mission Reference: Unknown
Established NPCs: LT Nalwin (Selkie)

Special Forces Black Ops
AKA Mmnone of your business! No one seems quite certain if there is a dedicated unit formed to conduct the most dire, politically volatile, and morally questionable missions the Crown can scheme up. The Rebmans who might know something aren't talking.

Blackwater Irregulars
More and more, missions have begun to center around the Black Water corruption within the undersea realm. To that end, the Lord Marshal authorized a special task force and brought in his cousin, an Arden ex-Ranger with experience in the field, Aio al'Njum, to teach combat tactics against Chaos-infected agents and corrupted undersea beings. At one point, Lieutenant-Colonel Merrisol had been left in charge of recruitment, training, and organizing missions as the need arose, however Aio is back to handle all matters Irregular.

While combat prowess is an important training point for all squad members, the nature of the enemy is.. disturbing to regimental warrior sensibilities. Therefore, squad recruits will be grouped with varying supportive skill sets, requiring trackers, naturalists, engineers, and medics, but valued above everything is the ability to adapt to chaos. The agents and creatures the Irregulars are up against are ill-defined and usually follow demented forms, mentally and physically. The regular army does not train for that sort of bonkers, and so the squads are populated by skilled civilians.
Mission Reference:
Established NPCs: Combat Training SGT Galywyde

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