The Royal Office
Ruler: Lord Regent Martin
Heir: Princess Faiella
Treasury: Full
Popularity: High
Policy: Diplomacy
Motto: We Are One Beneath The Waves

The Royal line of Rebma is nearly as old as Oberon's rule in Amber; however, there have been significantly more Monarchs Beneath the Waves, as while Rebmans are long-lived, they do not hold on as long as their Amber counterparts. In the present time, the royal family has had its share of scandal and tragedy.

The first Queen Beneath the Waves was Manawydan, daughter of Lir Himself. Young and as inspiring in her own way to the new citizens of the ghostly reflected city, she is a romantic figure often depicted in full Rebman armour and wielding a trident. As a self-declared monarch, to solidify her rule and protect her people still living on ancestral territories, she launched a determined campaign to pressure or force the other intelligent races of Rebma to swear fealty to her. Although unafraid of war, she spared her troops and those of the Tritons from never-ending battle during The Triton Wars, by challenging their monarch to single combat, a move that while it cost her her life, made such an impression on the merfolk that they did eventually join the realm.

Following in her footprints, her only daughter Moins became Queen, but the fighting was all but over by then, giving way to an age of diplomacy, bureaucracy, and amassing wealth and influence and the good will of the diverse populace. While many great strides forward were made during her reign, it might be murmured that Moins could never step out from her mother's magnificent shadow. Shortly after the birth of Moins's daughter Moire, she entertained King Oberon of Amber. This would not normally be an issue in Rebma, but the affair resulted in the birth of Llewella, and the scandal was compounded when Oberon acknowledged the girl. Two wars followed, however as the latter clash, against Kitezh, was as disastrous as the former against Minos was triumphant, the experience of shocking loss was deeply disturbing to the peacetime monarch. A few centuries after Llewella's birth, Moins passed the Deep Throne to Moire and retreated to solitary reflection, dying a few decades thereafter.

Moire started off her reign on shaky footing due to public scandals and post-war shortages, but solid counsel from her Court Advisor and Ministers and a fair amount of natural cunning had stabilized her rule. She increased diplomatic efforts with Amber and into the Golden Circle, and reconciled with her half-sister, so that Llewella became a common and welcome face in the Rebman court. Most significantly, Moire turned more and more to the clergy of the Cult of Lir to address the weak spots in her public relations, recalling the power that omens and Prophecy had over the Rebman populace in the early centuries. In return for her support, the Cult deployed the Holy Order of Eilrahc to seek and investigate all leads on the portents and visions of the Priestesses, but especially the Great Prophecy. Mirror magic with all its convenience and accuracy in seeking the Past became distinctly unappealing to Moire, which alienated House Ygrayne. After the Black Road invaded Amber and then Rebma, the Queen became progressively ill and unstable, and a few years after the Cataclysm, it is said she lapsed into a coma from which she has yet to recover.

For a long time, Moire's only child was Princess Morganthe; when the Princess took her own life, Moire was left without an official heir. Her grandson Martin might have once a claim to the Deep Throne, but it is clear he was passed over, likely due to Moire's resentment of Random. The succession became vested in the Tirian-Amberite-Rebman child Faiella, a messianic figure held as the fulfilment of the Great Prophecy - until, that is, Martin as Lord Regent became engaged to Princess Miriam of Tir, that act thereby threatening to usurp the same Prophecy.

Current members of the Royal Family include:

  • Moire, Queen Beneath the Waves
  • Princess Faiella, heir to the Deep Throne
  • Martin, grandson of Queen Moire
  • Princess Llewella, sister to the Queen
  • Her Reverence Lady Morgana, daughter of Llewella

Llewella has other children who are not officially accounted members of the royal family. Most of them, however, are granted special status at court.

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