Ambassador Salin of Morfilod
Fullname: Salin of Morfilod
Age: ~200 (30 in appearance)
Alias: Sal
Features: Red Hair / Green Eyes
House: Morfilod
Assignment: Rebman Embassy
Rank: Ambassador
Titles: Baron


Physical Features

Light red hair has been styled haphazardly atop his head in a short, wavey fashion while the sides have been shaved in a look that somehow manages to suit him while the lack of effort taken does nothing to detract from his looks. Soft green eyes are bright and expressive, watchful and alert. His complexion is lightly tanned, with just a hint of what could be a greenish tinge, though it's hard to tell for sure. His age is hard to place beyond the vague, his physique, his visage and his demeanor that of a man who could be in his mid-to-late twenties. He is just a scant half-inch shy of 6", his weight proportionate to his height with the muscle tone of a swimmer or runner, the mass lean rather than bulky. His lips are thin, and more often then naught, they are curved upwards into the faintest of smiles.

A tunic of rich crimson adorns Salin's upper body on this day. It's gathered at the seams of the shoulder, large sleeves left to bell out and then gather once more at the cuff of his wrist. Simple ties hold the sleeves at the shoulder, allowing them to be removed with a simple ease, to prevent them from being damaged or dirtied in his daily tasks. The lapel of the tunic is an angled closure, coming from the right shoulder down to his stomach, where the bottom flares out just a bit. The seams and edges of the tunic have been adorned in gold and silver inlay, adding a certain flair to the otherwise composed look. Fitted trousers of teal blue in color complete the attire, snugging in along his calves and then disappearing within a pair of elegant knee high black boots. A long machete like sword made of merged hexagonal glass plates tinted light iridescent blue hangs from his right hip

Recent Events

  • Returned to Rebma after having been gone for over half a decade (Sept 2013)
  • Appointed Ambassador to Rebma (Oct 2013)
  • Betrothed to a bastard Ygrayne by the name of Ryika (Dec 2013)
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