Lord Servalle Dafydd, Ambassador Plenipotentiary of Her Majesty, Singer of the High Chorale, Keeper of the Third Histories.

Servalle has served the Throne for many centuries now, from a minor clerk up to a powerful position as an adviser to Her Majesty. When Eric of Amber declared himself King and approached Moire about a treaty between the two nations, Servalle was appointed her chief negotiator. Presently, he is heading up the new Embassy to Amber, and has been empowered to act as her proxy above the surface.

He is the secondborn of the current generation of House Dafydd, and generally absents himself from House affairs in order to concentrate on his duties at Court. Given the general distance from his family, it is perhaps odd that he has given his nephew Mostyn a position in the Embassy.

Servalle was married, once upon a time, to a Rebman woman named Jenett, from a trivial branch of nobility. Court gossip has the marriage disintegrating over a political split, but the Ambassador will not confirm or deny this, and his former spouse has disappeared from public life. He has acknowledged no children.

Some time around the rise of Leviathan, Servalle took a leave of absence, and was replaced in his ambassadorial role by his recently-acknowledged daughter, Ula. This situation lasted a few months, after which he resumed his responsibilities. As Julian took the throne of Amber and tensions mounted between Rebma and Amber, Servalle was called on the carpet by Moire, who was removing him from his ambassadorial role. A few days later his corpse was found, partially eaten. There is much speculation as to who might be responsible, but as of yet this remains a mystery.

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