The Sirens are a mysterious race, less populous than even the noble Rebmans. They frequently keep to themselves in small cloisters, which spawn tales of mysterious patches of water with greater-than-normal ship losses. They embrace the legends that surround them, and on occasion have been known to bolster those legends with acts intended for no other reason.

Physically, Sirens appear as mermaids when in water. Unlike Tritons, they are human-sized. One of the more persistent rumors is that Sirens can take a purely human form on land, but in exchange they lose the powers of their voice.

The Siren's voice is the source of most of the legends, and history has shown some degree of truth to them. The Siren's songs can influence the listener's mind and emotions, and in the furthest cases, even drive them mad.

There are no male Sirens. However, Sirens can interbreed with humans both surface-born and Rebman, and take husbands freely from both races. Male children are given to their father's people to raise; female children are born as Sirens and kept by the cloister. As a result, a number of Rebman families have shown a touch of the Siren's voice from time to time.

A rumor that is only ever whispered, but has curious staying power nonetheless, is that the royal line of Rebma is rife with Siren blood.

Sirens are a playable race in Road to Amber, as well as noble Rebmans with a touch of Siren blood in their family.

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