Welcome to Rebma, Land Beneath The Sea


Rebma is the First Shadow, the reflection closest to Amber, and therefore the nearest to it in power. It is a vast undersea empire that is far more than just the reflected capital city. Its citizens include the nearly human nobility, who claim a divine right to rule, and nonhuman species from Tritons to more exotic forms. The terrain of Rebma varies from ruined cities on clear underwater plains, to the rushing submerged rivers of the ocean currents, to the black and horror-spawning Deeps. All in all, the face that Rebma shows to the surface world is only a small part of its true nature.

This page is a collection of information about Rebma as it exists on Road To Amber. Despite the detailed content of the wiki, in-play Rebma is meant to be mysterious to most of the outside worlds. Library research cannot yield the same knowledge as actual roleplay to discover and experience the realm. For non-Rebman PCs, the wiki should be considered OOC reference for play relating to Rebma, through which characters can then expect to have acquired IC the information and insights as provided by the lore system and this website. Players with questions or ideas for Rebma, including plots affecting the Prop, are welcome to contact the Propcos listed below.

If you are a new player considering a Rebman character, please click here for chargen-specific notes.

Prop Coordinators (AKA Propcos)

While Martin is the Lead Propco for Rebma, there are several other long-time players who can help with specific thematic areas within Rebma. Feel free to reach out to any of these individuals with any questions you may have:

Martin (FC) Rebma Main Prop, Rebman Military Subprop, Royalty, Nobility, General Theme
Merrisol (PC) Rebma Main Co-Propco, Undersea Races, The Deeps, Wiki, Building, General Theme
Vialle (FC) Rebman Embassy Subprop, Mirror Magic Subprop
Enid (PC) Rebman Trade Subprop, Rebman Intelligence Subprop
Llewella (FC) Mirror Magic Subprop
Moire (FC) Crown Concerns, General Theme


There are six major intelligent races who dwell in Rebma; these are the races seen on the Concordance Arch that stands astride Faiella-Bionin at the borders of Rebma's territory. Rebma being what it is, there are a number of minor races, some of which may only have a few members, but they are rare and/or politically overlooked.

Rebmans - The most human-like residents of the kingdom, they are typically the ones who represent Rebma in Amber.
Tritons - True merfolk, the Tritons are powerful warriors who form the backbone of Rebma's military strength.
Selkies - Mischievous shapeshifters who serve Rebma as bounders and spies.
Sirens - Mysterious temptresses of the deep, their blood and gifts turn up in surprising places.
Undine - Sometimes mistaken for Sirens, these misunderstood beauties live in reclusive communities far from the city.
Dolphins - Intelligent, talking cetaceans made citizens.
Other Races - Not all the races of Rebma are citizens of the nation.


Timeline - A brief overview of Rebman history and recent events.
The Cataclysm - Known effects and changes to the reflection due to the Pattern re-draw.
Religion - The Cult of Lir is the only accepted religion of Rebma.
Royalty - The Royal Line and the current rulership of Rebma.
Noble Houses - Just as in Amber, a number of noble clans fill governing roles, and support the Throne with their influence and resources.
Culture - Notes on common behavior and popular activities to understand Rebmans and Rebman society.
Morality - A closer peek at the naked hedonism of Rebma.
Magic - Minor mysticism is in common practice, but race-exclusive magic is more potent; and mirrors are the most powerful.
Education - It's not all fun and frolic for small fry.
Science and Medicine - Issues and solutions to the way things work underwater.
Embassy - As Amber's strongest ally, Rebma maintains a large Embassy on Amber soil.
War - And Politics! Rebma's current status with her neighbours and her history of violence.
Color - All the little things that come up in play, recorded for consistency. Notable NPCs found here.


The following organized armed forces within Rebma are authorized by and follow a chain of command up to the Lord Marshal, AKA Martin.

Army - With many aquatic races to fill in the rank and file, Rebma maintains an army capable of defending the capital in times of war.
Navy - The Rebman military presence as seen above the water's surface.
Special Forces - Elite squads for purposes known only to the highest ranks and the Lord Marshal.
Royal Guard - Handpicked and specially-trained soldiers to defend the Palace and its royal residents.
Militias - Armed civilian corps trained to defend the settled territories outside the capital.
Foreign Legion - Allied Troops, gathered and held in reserve during periods of impending war.


Rebma - The capital is named for the nation itself, just as Amber is both city and nation. The city is dominated by the Palace, where the business of government is centered.
The Rebman Triangle - While Rebma is what lies beneath the entire sea surrounding Amber, they only claim territorial rights over a portion of its surface.
Baronies and Holdings - Crown-granted jurisdictions within the territory, including the ancestral properties of the Rebman nobility.
The Lost Cities - Ruins scattered across the sea floor like abandoned toys, the reflections of lost civilizations throughout Shadow; both treasures and danger are found within.
The Deeps - So far below the surface that the sun never touches, the Deeps are home to infinite blackness, crushing pressure, and abyssal horrors.
The Caves - Endless possibilities for spelunking adventure!
The Currents - The streams and rivers circulating within the Sea.


Flora - Populous members of the plant kingdom in Rebma, not the Princess of Amber.
Fauna - Aquatic species one could expect to find within Rebma.
Pollution - The effects of water-borne pollutants on water-dwellers. Trash, fish poop, and other hazardous substances.
The Black Water - The manifestation of the Black Road in Rebma. Exactly as foul and tainted as its counterpart.

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