The Cataclysm

The Cataclysm refers to an event that shook and wrenched the Sea floor around Rebma City and environs, and is known to have been brought on by the breaking of the Rebma Pattern. Prince Caine is widely blamed and reviled for this. Any extenuating circumstances surrounding the Pattern are unknown to the Rebman public. With the staggering death toll, it is unlikely any explanation will excuse his actions, in Rebman eyes.

Direct Results:

  • Flip in orientation of palace and city layout to south side of Mount Rivlok.
  • Major damage to structures within the city, and outlying compounds such as the military garrison and embassies.
  • Approximately 25,000 missing assumed dead, and confirmed dead, in city.
  • Destruction of local ecology, including coral systems like that within the Coral Canyon.
  • Mass chaos and anarchy - and consequently, incursions of Black Road (Black Water) corruption.

Events Arising:

  • Moire departing Rebma with Faiella due to stress and paranoia.
  • Return of Martin from Shadow to step up to a leadership role.
  • The Rebma Pattern redrawn by Princess Fiona.
  • A non-reflective Rebma City is being gradually rebuilt from the ruins of the old. The Great Archives is the first entirely unique structure.
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