The Rebman Triangle

Map Notes: Surface Currents (orange arrows) are examples only, of how the directions might work. The blue oval represents the range of The Patterns' influence out to Sea, where shadow manipulation may begin. As always, maps are a guideline and the specifics are subject to GM interpretation in any given plot.

The Rebman Triangle is a section of the Sea surface south of Amber that is acknowledged as the sovereign territory of Rebma. The No-Sail Zone includes the surface waters around Mount Rivlok, Rebma City, and the Rebman portion of the Great Stairway at Faiella-Bionin (which starts at Concordance Arch). It does not touch the shallows of the mainland coastline, however, and many a ship hugging the coastline in this manner is given a pass. When a Rebman refers to their divine dominance over the Sea, she is generally speaking of everything below the waves, not above. With the exception of the Triangle, the surface of the Sea is governed by the Amber Royal Navy.

The Triangle is marked out by three lighthouses. Two of these, Cabra and Carba, are landed and maintained by Amber. The third, Arbac, is far out to sea, located northwest of the Isles of the Sun. More commonly known as 'Seal Island' to sailors, Arbac is a rock outcropping perhaps a quarter mile in diameter, upon which the lighthouse stands. Its colloquial name is due to the extended family of Selkies who operate and maintain the light, and who are fond of sunning themselves, in seal form, on the rocks.

Any ship using the fast route through the Triangle is subject to being stopped by the Rebman Navy, if they are not identified as having formal permission. In practice, the interaction normally amounts to little more than a cursory acknowledgement of Rebma's claim before being allowed to proceed to the other side of the Triangle. However, in times of strife it is not unknown for Rebma to demand formal applications for passage at its embassies, or to demand toll, or even to refuse passage altogether. Since the Triangle covers most of the approach to Amber, this has critical impacts on trade in the area. Amber's naval ships are the exception, and have been granted the right of unfettered travel along the short-cut routes, in perpetuity, a grace dating back to the reign of Moins.

Vessels trespassing beyond the shipping lanes can expect to be intercepted by a Navy patrol and advised to turn back the way they came. Those captains who ignore or defy this warning do not tend to make it out of the Triangle, and once the wrecked hull is underneath the waves, it becomes the property of Rebma. Captains who are deemed innocent due to ignorance will be allowed to squeak by, with the understanding that they will not be able to use that excuse a second time. Those who find themseves needing to access a sea location within the Triangle are best served by contacting the Rebman Embassy with their request.

It is a technical given that the airspace above the Triangle is likewise under the jurisdiction of Rebma. Despite its troops' not being generally equipped to engage in aerial action beyond a certain altitude, the Crown decrees that any unauthorized flyovers by craft, individual, or non-native creature, will be viewed as unfriendly and may be acted upon.

OOC Note: The presence of the Rebman Triangle is an influential aspect of RP on the Amber Sea, and indeed may be the only Prop element which affects the average non-Rebman PC. This information is provided to enrich the roleplay setting for scenes which occur in or around the Triangle. Please do send a note to the Propcos in the event of questions or concerns, and to alert us to incidents of potential conflict which may require a directed response from Rebma. Our mission is always to create meaningful interplay with the Prop, with respect to the Players' goals.

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