**NOTE: In order to claim accurate IC knowledge of timeline details since 1550 (CY450), one must have been a participant in the noted event, earned at least Lore Level Rebma/4, or had the knowledge ICly revealed by another PC who fills the requirement. Knowledge of any details dating before Queen Faiella's reign must be gained through RP and/or prescribed lore quests. The Great Archives of Rebma are a rambling storehouse similar to the libraries of Amber Palace and House Chantris, full of lore but ultimately confusing to navigate without appropriate direction.

For ease of comparison with Amber's timeline, dates are parallel and backdated from the start of Corwin's chronicles. Rebma's calendar is based on the end of the wars of consolidation - years before the war's end are dated BC (Before Consolidation) and after the war's end as CY (Consolidated Year). These dates are given in parentheses below.**

3000 (1000BC) - Beginning of surviving recorded history. The human-like inhabitants of Rebma live in scattered stagnating communities throughout the Undersea, warring over resources and preyed upon by other powerful races. A man named Lir features in the collected writings, as He begins to turn up at the various domains, speaking of them all as the Sea's Chosen and encouraging them to live as one beneath the waves.
2950 (950BC) - Lir succeeds in gathering a following from the disparate enclaves, making the epic journey to a sheltered basin, and forming the first stirrings of real civilization in the ghostly reflection of Amber City. The swiftest swimmers are sent back to the outlying territories to deliver the Good Word.
2945 (945BC) - Start of the Campaign for Consolidation - Lir's young daughter Manawydan has a vision for protecting the fledgling populace of Rebma City and their ancestral domains. She declares herself Queen Beneath the Waves, and lets it be known amongst the other intelligent races of Rebma that they will swear fealty and help build the new realm or be conquered. Lir delivers a Great Prophecy unto the citizens, then disappears to parts unknown.
2944 (944BC) - The Dolphins are the first race to capitulate and recognize Manawydan's rule; they do so with snickery glee. It is generally understood that they only answer to the Queen, and are free to make rude remarks to everyone else.
2942 (942BC) - Several large family bloodlines are recognized by the Queen and take charge of various aspects of the coming conflicts. Of these families, Dilwen is the first honoured, for their role in aiding Lir to bring the Rebmans to The Ghost City. Ygrayne is raised next, for their magical aid in gathering information about the other races of Rebma.
2940 (940BC) - Five years after Lir's disappearance, The Cult of Lir is officially recognized by Manawydan as the One True Religion of Rebma.
2930 (930BC) - Diplomatic contact and talks begin with Amber, the kingdom above the waves.
2927 (927BC) - After the Sirens agree to the Consolidation, the Undine Nation make it clear they will never join the Rebmans, by slipping away to elusive enclaves, not to be seen again by a Rebman for more than a thousand years.
2909 (909BC) - The Selkies bend the flipper to Manawydan after years of light skirmishing, although the crusades never do find the Seal-shifting folk's home base.
2900 (900BC) - Rebma and Amber sign the Accord allying the reflected realms. The Great Stairs become a major architectural undertaking, led by stone muralist Wreyalle Mairwen.
2872 (972BC) - The Sirens, courted rather than conquered, do not go out of their way to be friendly until favoured Rebman family line Mairwen is raised to the peerage.
2800 (800BC) - The Triton Wars mark the beginnings of the final struggles for consolidation. Strong and militaristic, the Tritons continue to put up a significant resistance and force the Rebmans to gradually adopt similar formation and tactics, instead of crusades.
2790 (790BC) - The first major engagement between the Rebmans and Tritons is disastrously messy, and a lesson in Undersea War when the water became so red with blood, many survivors perished from suffocation or attacks from predators drawn from all over. Both sides withdraw from the costly stalemate.
2777 (777BC) - Dilwen alchemists develop a blood-soaking compound that drastically reduces seepage into the surrounding waters, lessening the secondary threats of battle and the overall casualty rate.
2765 (765BC) - Rules of War are established with the Tritons, abolishing the use of poisons, acids, and other such alchemy, and special battlefield consideration for medical personnel and those taken prisoner.
2700 (700BC) - Princess Moins is born. In the fog and passions of wartime, Manawydan cannot be certain of the father, but it is generally believed to be her strategist, Eilrahc Dilwen.
2670 (670BC) - The Great Stairs are complete with the Concordance Arch as a final touch, but are only really usable by Rebmans and Air or Water Mages.
2666 (666BC) - A major victory in battle takes strategic territory and is credited to the stalwart Morfilods, representing a military achievement against the heretofore undefeated Tritons.
2615 (615BC) - Ygrayne Magic Ritualists have worked out a powerful solution to the air-breathing problem of the 'flatlanders' wishing to safely visit Rebma City. Manawydan heeds her Advisor's warning against proceeding with the ritual, however, while the realm is still vulnerable. The mages use a ruined undersea city called Emor instead to perfect their ritual.
2590 (590BC) - The noble family of Bauquemare distinguishes itself by slipping much-needed supplies past Triton blockades, and a shipment of precious gems and pure gold from a secret cache in the deeps.
2170 (170BC) - Queen Manawydan is killed in single combat when she leads her forces to The Sunken City and calls out the Triton King, Elowyde. This marks the turning point in the War, for while she had not been victorious, Manawydan had impressed the Tritons with her bravery and leadership. The Crown is passed to her only daughter, now Queen Moins.
2155 (155BC) - As the pockets of front-line fighting trickle off and talk of peace begins, Moins grants the Morfilod family the lands around their southern stronghold.
2120 (120BC) - Queen Moins' first diplomatic triumph is establishing sovereignty over a portion of the Sea's surface, known now as The Rebman Triangle. In exchange, the enchanted field encompassing The Great Stairs is perfected and extended to the environs of Rebma City, allowing topsiders to interact with the water 'almost' as though it were air.
2000 (CY0) - The Triton Wars come to an official end with a delegation of the last major race witnessed swearing to the consolidation, after extensive diplomatic wrangling. Rebma is thus unified and stable beneath the rulership of the Sea's Chosen, the Rebmans, all of whom are to be acknowledged as nobility.
1999 (CY1) - Moins holds High (or Deep, as it were) Court and recognizes the heroes of the campaign. She announces the elevation of noble families Dilwen, Ygrayne, and Bauquemare to be the three Great Houses of Rebma, awarding them surrounding lands in the outlying realm to expand their holdings, and then holding a private audience to confer other dispensations and duties. The crusaders of the early campaign are knighted into the newly-created Order of Eilrahc, to serve and protect the Cult of Lir.
1969 (CY31) - Rebmans gain their reputation for 'naked hedonism' during a massive but unofficial campaign to replenish their post-war population. Low birth-rates still figure in, however the concentrated efforts do create a surge of new generation Rebmans over the next century, before the campaign cools off.
1925 (CY75) - The Rebman Embassy is established in Amber City.
1750 (CY250) - A rough census puts the Rebman population at 'around 100,000, more or less'. Throughout it all, Queen Moins remains worrisomely barren.
1555 (CY445) - Revelations of a mysterious and ancient race surfacing in the realm sparks rumours of the Undine's return. While accompanying the search and envoy mission, Queen Moins disappears. The Great Houses immediately convene the Court Ministers to organize contingency-delegating from the heir-less Throne, and send out military search and rescue squads.
1550 (CY450) - Queen Faiella dies in Amber in childbirth; her ghost is seen walking down The Great Stairs to Rebma, which are ever after named for her. Shortly afterwards, a powerful monster henceforth named Leviathan rises from the Soldieve Deeps. It rampages through to Lyonesse and devours whole isles before being lured back to Rebma and cast back into the abyss in magical slumber.
1548 (CY452) - Moins returns with a military escort sworn to secrecy, and is not known to have revealed her whereabouts for the past seven years. The alleged search for an elder race is a contentious point with scouts and scholars; some insist it was the Undine who were sighted, others say it was dragon-like sea serpents, and still others claim it was Kelpies.
1543 (CY457) - In a closed royal ceremony, Queen Moins weds long-time lover Cyrrule Mairwen, naming him Prince Consort.
1400 (CY600) - Somewhat tainted by the long-term courtship and even longer-term marriage, the celebrated birth of Princess Moire is accompanied by rumours of the Queen's perhaps necessary infidelity.
1300 (CY700) - After Queen Moins entertains King Oberon of Amber, Llewella is born. This time, nobody believes for one moment she is the Prince Consort's doing. Oberon readily acknowledges his offspring, making her a Princess of Amber.
1290 (CY710) - The Prince Consort's health declines, and despite all medical efforts, he passes on.
1075 (CY925) - The Amber-Minos War. Rebma lends its considerable naval resources to Amber, and sinks a thousand Minosian ships by various attacks from below. A naval base is established within the Rebman Triangle.
900 (CY1100) - The Kitezh-Rebma War. Strikes against the encroachments of exploring longships in their whaling waters spark a decade of hostilities. The escalation of casualties taken by both sides causes a mutual and unspoken withdrawal.
889 (CY1111) - In the aftermath of the Kitezh War and more than a thousand years of somewhat troubled rule, Queen Moins abdicates rule in favour of Moire and fades from public view.
870 (CY1130) - Queen Moire negotiates a greater ambassadorial territory in Amber City and authorizes more personnel, in order to establish relations with other emissaries from Shadow and the Golden Circle.
850 (CY1150) - Queen Moins dies at her private retreat.
830 (CY1170) - An outsider party threatens the authority of Moire's Court by citing a greater claim on the Throne of Rebma. Panic and scandal are mitigated by the bureaucratic ingenuity of a records clerk, a commoner of the Dafydd clan, who builds a case to disprove the circumstances of the claim, which is judiciously dismissed.
827 (CY1173) - The pretender to the Throne turns out to be a Sea Witch backed by a cult and army of young thralls. She declares herself the Dragon Queen, an older daughter of the late Queen Moins, with power over Leviathan. The Rebman Army clashes with hers in the deep city of Emor, and is victorious. Rather than destroy the body of the Witch, Moire orders it sealed in a tomb hidden at the edge of the Great Kelp Forest of Nedra.
822 (CY1178) - In gratitude for the Dafydds' timely service to the Crown, the entire family line is recognized and granted land by Moire.
815 (CY1185) - To stabilize her rule and dispel the rumours regarding the purity of her blood, Queen Moire begins to turn to The Cult of Lir for counsel, and the One True Religion experiences a boost in authority and power within the realm, while the influence of the consortium of mirror magic practitioners lessens.
800 (CY1200) - House Ygrayne becomes more oppositional in Court, questioning Moire's decisions based on omen and prophecy. Their vocal defence of mirror magic solutions helps maintain a balance of influence for several centuries.
620 (CY1380) - Queen Moire marries Lord Owain Dilwen and names him Prince Consort.
400 (CY1600) - Princess Morganthe is born.
348 (CY1652) - Prince Consort Owain dies of misadventure. Moire does not remarry.
225 (CY1775) - The Amber-Kitezh War. As in the Minos War, Rebma provides naval support for Amber, but Moire is still wary of the Kitezhka from past experience and prevents her troops from engaging directly for much of the battle.
120 (CY1880) - The Morganthe Incident. Prince Random of Amber seduces and spirits away Princess Morganthe. She returns, without Random, pregnant. Martin is born.
119 (CY1881) - Morganthe commits suicide. All of Rebma mourns. Moire embraces her grandson but becomes understandably bitter towards Amber, a cold distance that only grows as time passes.
115 (CY1885) - Queen Moire shows favour to her (maybe) father's House by taking in orphaned and blinded Vialle Mairwen as a Ward of the Court.
95 (CY1905) - Lord Martin becomes generally unavailable in Rebma as he joins Prince Benedict in Shadow to receive tutelage and training.
70 (CY1930) - Martin resumes life in Rebma, finding the Queen more unforgiving than ever, which eventually fractures their relationship.
20 (CY1960) - A young Dilwen noble and two commoners disappear mysteriously while The Deep Menagerie is visiting the city outskirts. After a thorough search, the circus is allowed to depart.
10 (CY1990) - Martin is titled Baron Icedeep, and given control of a glacial island mass within the Rebman Triangle, above the undersea mountain.
4 (CY1996) - After an argument with the Queen over his birthright, Martin goes AWOL from Rebma. It is later understood that he is touring Shadow under rockstar guise of Baron Icedeep, with other young friends and family.
2 (CY1998) - King Oberon disappears from Amber. Moire closes the Rebman Embassy in Amber, without giving an explanation.
0 (CY2000) - Prince Corwin of Amber, alongside Prince Random of Amber and Princess Deirdre of Amber, seek sanctuary in Rebma. Moire grants sanctuary to Corwin and Deirdre, and allows Corwin to walk Rebma's Pattern. Random, in order to avoid execution for his role in Morganthe's death, is obliged to marry the Lady Vialle and remain with her for a year.
CY2001 - Random walks Rebma's Pattern and attempts to assassinate King Eric of Amber. He is made prisoner in Amber. Lady Vialle applies to follow him.
CY2002 - Eric of Amber asks Princess Llewella to negotiate a new treaty with Rebma. Queen Moire selects Lord Servalle Dafydd as her negotiator. Details of the negotiations are kept quiet. As an early result of negotiations, Vialle is allowed to join Random in his imprisonment.
CY2006 - In the aftermath of the Black Road siege of Amber, Queen Moire re-opens the Rebman Embassy in Amber, naming Lord Servalle as Ambassador. Martin returns, but stays in Amber.
CY2007 - (start of gameplay) Rebma and Kitezh agree on trade treaties, opening commerce directly between the two nations for the first time.

CY2008 - Early in the year, Moire is unwell and paranoid, and all mirrors in the Palace are destroyed or incapacitated, while the power of the Cult of Lir soars. Morgana emerges from seclusion with the Great Prophecy. It is revealed that the Queen is pregnant. During her pregnancy, the great monster of the Deeps, Leviathan, rises and threatens tremendous destruction. Prince Caine of Amber lures Him off the edge of the world, a coalition of Rebman mystics with Golden Circle allies heal the damaged waters of His resting place, and His cultists are beaten back. Still more corrupted creatures and beings are encountered, twisted by the Black Road taint, leading to 'seek and destroy' missions organized by House Morfilod. Just before the year end, Princess Faiella is born.

CY2009 - After spending time with Random, to escape the familial tug-of-war Martin leaves Amber for parts unknown. Queen Moire officially refuses to acknowledge the reign of Julian as King of Amber on the grounds that he is both Minosian and a usurper. Less known is the disturbing vision by Morgana involving Prince Julian, Princess Faiella, and the rage of the Sea. As tensions between the two realms mount, Servalle is recalled as ambassador, but is he killed en route, the assassin never found. Not long after, a great earthquake and subsequent shock waves wrench the sea floor and wreak cataclysmic devastation on Rebma City. One in fifty citizens are dead, many more missing and presumed dead, and property is badly damaged, if not destroyed outright. The Rebman Pattern is known to have been extinguished, and it is publicly known that Caine of Amber — also a Minosian — is to blame. Martin is retrieved from deep in shadow by his cousin Lady Yvonne and is welcomed back to Rebma by Queen Moire as the Rebman Palace has remained structurally intact. While he does not commit to staying within Rebma, he pledges half of his time to her restoration.

CY2010 - It is discovered that the whole orientation of the city and palace has flipped, so they no longer mirror Amber's city and palace. Clearing and rebuilding begins to prove the suspicion that layout and structure no longer must adhere to Amber City. Strange and insidious occurrences in the Deeps are later theorized to have been the start of the Black Road incursion on Rebma, more specifically referred to as the Black Water here, taking the opportunity of the realm's chaos to gain a toehold. The Black Water settles in the Soldieve Deeps and may be responsible for a blight that befalls a nearby section of the Great Kelp Forest. Martin mans up and assists in the restoration of the realm fiull-time as Lord Marshal. The Rebma Pattern is redrawn by Princess Fiona.

CY2011 - Rebuilding the underwater city is a slow, arduous process, as until then, there had been no need to rebuild, let alone build, any part of the still reflection. Many parts are left to ghostly ruin, especially the Lower City, yet while reconstructing the other sectors it is confirmed that changes from the original appearance are now entirely possible. As a result, the city beginning to take shape is described as a distorted reflection. Princess Miriam of Tir-na Nog'th comes to stay at the palace when her displaced people are invited to take refuge on Ice Deep. Princess Fiona's son Lord Quinlan successfully walks the new Rebma Pattern, but it is suspected that only those of her bloodline may safely do so.

CY2012 - Fleeing real or imagined spies and assassins, Queen Moire takes toddler Princess Faiella and departs Rebma, leaving the recovering realm temporarily without a ruler. Reinstating order through martial rule, Martin works to gain the confidence of the Rebmans and Allied Races, and holds courts to address concerns and introduce new public measures. His ideas are fresh, liberal, and require changes to the status quo, appealing to the younger generation more than the old, and alienating the clergy. Work begins on The Great Archives. Martin establishes friendly relationships within the noble Houses of Amber. The Rebma Palace treasury is burgled, and some precious artifacts, including the Sceptre of Moins, are scattered to private collections throughout the Golden Circle.

- Queen Moire is struggling with a dark malaise in an allied Silver Circle Shadow, and Rebma is under Military Rule. Lord Marshal Martin forms a special combat squad called the Blackwater Irregulars, to counter the presence of Black Water-corrupted agents operating in the realm. As her condition only worsens in the care of the royal physician, Moire is put into a deep mystical stasis similar to a coma to preserve her life. While Princess Faiella is still the heir to the Throne, it would be many many years before she could be considered fit to rule. An investigative team is sent to the Shadow realm to determine the cause of the Queen's sickness, and the leads suggest a Black Road assassination attempt by insidious black mold poison, but no clear culprit.
- The Rebman Navy gains the Minosian ship The Wave Dancer and the Begman submersible The Solar Flare, when Martin reunites with his cousin Lady Maggie from his Baron Icedeep years, and befriends a Rebman stranger going by the name Merrisol, both victims of the Amnesia Epidemic. House Morfilod accepts and declares Merrisol the lost son of Lady Petra Morfilod, based on circumstantial evidence and political motives.
- Martin is supplied with the official documentation contingent on such circumstances as the current Monarch's incapacitation, allowing him to be crowned the Regent of Rebma in a special edition of Court which King Random himself attends, followed by a grand party. High-Priestess of Lir, Dryssana Morfilod, is not pleased.
- The Red Algae Plague, another Black Road manifestation, heralds the rise of the necromantic Cult of the Dragon Queen (re: CY1173), now discovered to have become a powerful Lich. A magical being from Kitezh, called Sol, formally requests to protect the Palace and lessen the effects of the algae, by way of a ritual for which Lord Merrisol is chosen to sacrifice her. The algae does recede, and once delivered to dry land and burned to ashes, Sol lives again. She stays in Rebma for some time as a Guardian of the Palace.
- Rebmans, children among them, are abducted from the city to be brainwashed and tainted by Chaos, and added to the Lich Queen's new army being raised (from the dead) in Emor. Martin leads a team to infiltrate Emor, rescues the prisoners, and wages battle against the undead army and the cultists. As it has been discovered that mirror magic was involved to free the Lich and communicate with dark masters, a squad is sent through one mirror by Queen Vialle and Lady Enid Morfilod. They find the Lich held in an abyssal citadel, tapped for her power by agents of Black Water. Lord Evadyr Ygrayne, Moire's head physician, is also captured there, before the Lich is exorcised by Lord Michio of House Feldane.
- House Ygrayne is disgraced when Lord Evadyr is declared a traitor and treasury embezzler during Court, and sentenced to banishment to a remote Shadow forever. Baron Salin Morfilod, newly recovered from Amnesia and appointed as Ambassador to Amber, sparks a feud by declaring in Court that his House should replace the Ygraynes' as one of the three Great Houses.
- Through the unique Undine living in Amber City, Meijanri, Martin extends the offer of a territorial treaty to the hiding Undine Nation. The response of her sisters is lukewarm but holds promise.
- While Amber is caught in the throes of civil war between Benedict's armies and Random's city defenders, Martin keeps Rebma in neutral mode and cautions his subjects away from any actions that would read as support for either side.
- With Martin's help, House Morfilod and House Karm broker a marriage contract between Baron Salin and Lady Elizabetta Karm. At the engagement party, Princess Miriam is struck down by a powerful vision, afterwards describing a future in which Princess Faiella rules tyrannically over Sea, Sky, and Earth.
- The Regent organizes a Trade Festival to rebuild commerce and put merchants in touch with representatives from Amber and the Golden Circle. A particular highlight during the Morfilod Rodeo is a combat match between one of Martin's cousin's, Aio of Amber, and a Triton Sergeant named Alareon. After a fierce round, she draws first blood, and then fights off an escaped bullshark, earning the Triton's respect.
- Rebma's alliance offer with Kitezh is strengthened when a team goes to the Road-corrupted realm to assist Prince Gerard's efforts to complete Ragnarok.

- While on a trip up to Tir-Na Nog'th to investigate the Karm Sealed gate accessing the outer lands of Tir, Martin sees his potential future self. Angry citizens chase the team away from the Palace.
- Historians working in the Great Archives are stricken with a Rebman respiratory disease that proves to be fatal until an alchemical cure is found. Neither the cause nor the culprits are determined, however suspicions target House Dilwen, as the two senior archivists Lady Riva Dilwen and Lord Lemar Dilwen are unharmed.
- Martin shows up for the first time during Amber High Court since becoming Regent, and makes a public show of acknowledgement for King Random.
- King Corwin of Banyan comes to Rebma to claim Princess Faiella as his daughter with Queen Moire. He states intentions of taking her to live in Banyan, however after listening to public outcry, Martin changes his decision to allow this. A short sword duel with his uncle during Court leaves Martin and Rebma victorious, at least temporarily.
- The cheerful climate changes as the Rebman Military gears up in anticipation of a war with Banyan. Martin's social networking pays off as support rolls in from Amber nobility and his Amberite cousins, in the form of Shadow route blockers, troops, and supplies. The threat of war ends a month later as new Deputy Ambassador Ryika Ygrayne's efforts lead to Corwin and Martin sitting down to work out the grievance peaceably.
- Ryika Ygrayne reports a powerful vision featuring two apparent timelines, one of a prosperous Rebma with an older, greener Martin on the Throne, and one of defenders fighting dark hordes in the streets.
- A cold missing persons case (re: CY1960) is revisited when the Deep Menagerie rolls back into Rebma, and investigators sent by Martin expose a half-Rebman half-Pathian mage who has been cursing and enslaving both citizens and undersea denizens in the hijacked and corrupted travelling circus. She is destroyed and the survivors set free, among them the three missing Rebman women, an Elephant Koi, and The Last Kelpie, Oshan of It'rla.
- Three missions in It'rla, the Forgotten City, respectively rescues the last seven Kelpie eggs from Chthyte marauders, stops the nearby undersea volcano from erupting, and clears out the occupying army in a Rebman Special Forces operation. The eggs hatch in the laboratory of The Solar Flare and the Baby Kelpies bond to the seven separate individuals who will help rear them at the Rebman naval base. Martin promises Oshan aid to rebuild It'rla's stables and Oshan grants access to the old kingdom's considerable treasure room.
- The naval base smithy gets a forge-mistress when Martin offers the strong-armed artist Ruby the position based on the recommendation of his trusted officials.
- Lord Regent Martin holds High Court to honour the many individuals and teams that assisted in the year's missions, with Court favours, promotions, awarded property, and/or induction into the Rebman Order of Meritorious Service. A new naturalist commission titles Merrisol Warden of the Deep, to look into and resolve environmental issues. As the evil mage was a Bauquemare noble, Martin holds a private session to negotiate reparations for House Dilwen and the commoner girls, and decrees that House Bauquemare work to issue treasure shares to the heroes.
- Princess Llewella is found in Shadow by Lady Enid Morfilod, and returns to Rebma to recover.
- Prince Benedict perishes trying to walk the redrawn Rebma Pattern. The shock to the Pattern sends a tidal wave towards Amber's docks, flooding the Lower City. Rebma responds with underwater rescue teams and is commended in Amber High Court by King Random, who also makes it known that Amber does not hold her neighbour responsible for the Tsunami. This does not speak for all minds in Amber, however, and some hatred and suspicion becomes evident from threats made against associates of Rebmans.
- Martin shares his concerns that the Tsunami may have stirred or awoken Bad Things from the affected sea bed. Supporting evidence is soon found randomly scattered around Rebma: Corrupted organisms of various sorts preying upon everything from small animals to forge metals to nitrogen gas.
- Lord Regent Martin goes to Minos to interrupt his two Navy privateers in their duel and alongside his half-sister Princess Amethyst of Amber, and Princess Miriam of Tir, and in front of Minosian witnesses declares Captain Flame and Captain Merrisol shall solve their differences within the bounds of a marriage contract. As the former-duel referee, Admiral Gerard of the Amber Navy Northern Fleet is very neatly on hand to officiate the wedding.
- Rebma Palace hosts the Captains' reception celebration, which kicks off the Solstice Festival. During the closing ceremonies, Martin dramatically proposes to Princess Miriam, and she accepts. This both delights and troubles Prophecy-watchers, as this significant reunion of Sea and Sky goes up against the more long-held belief that Princess Faiella's birth fulfilled that Prophecy.

- An Embassy is established for the Undine on the city outskirts. Almost immediately, a dead Ygrayne noble is found on the premises, sparking an investigation amidst public outrage.
- After backtracing the directions of currents to a common source of the chaos-infected organic matter, the Solar Flare makes its way to the Soldieve Deeps, where the Black Water is thickest. The team makes some grim discoveries and calls on House Karm to re-Seal a prison cracked by the aftershocks of the Tsunami.
- Scandal strikes as it becomes widely known Rebman Ambassador to Amber and Knight to the Lord Regent, Dame Ryika Ygrayne, has been quietly romanced by King Corwin of Banyan and secretly become his wife and thus, Queen of Banyan. This does not appear to affect her standing with the Regent although she eventually steps down from the Embassy position.
- When Minos must be evacuated due to devastating storms, Martin extends an offer of amnesty and shelter to the shadow's Ambassador. Minosian refugees trickle down The Great Stairs with trepidation, and as expected the public reception is generally dubious. Princess Miriam commits much personal effort to acclimatizing them to the undersea, and they are recalled to a more settled Minos before tempers manage to boil over.
- A Dafydd noblewoman goes missing after researching Pysgwy, but the trail runs cold in the Empty City.
- Crown Princess Faiella is sent to live with the High-Priestesses to nuture her visionary abilities in preparation for a future in the clergy rather than the palace.
- A submarine journey through the undersea rediscovers The Dead City, one of the fabled lost cities of Rebma. Evidence of chaos-corruption is found in the oxygen-deprived algae clouds above, indicating the taint is traveling through the realm via current flows.
- A squad of Black Water Irregulars disappears while eradicating an infected spawning ground, investigations lead to new attempts at communication with the reclusive Gailes.

CY 2016
- A new prophecy spoken by Princess Miriam of Tir concerning the dying of the stars in Rebma becomes the springboard for new political tension within the Cult of Lir. Investigation into its meaning uncovers links to the steady decline of mirror magic over the years, and the places of power on the sea bed sought and safeguarded by the Holy Order of Eilrahc.
- Meanwhile in Amber, Queen Vialle is said to have fallen ill, and she returns to Rebma. King Random abruptly takes the opportunity to desert the Amber Throne to be with her. Amber is briefly shook by a mysterious tremor around that time.
- The light in the Shrine on Mount Somere is identified as one of the stars, but access is restricted by the Holy Order, until such a time that Martin's team earns their confidence. To that end, coordinates are given for a highly contested location of religious import.
- The Silver City, one of Rebma's fabled lost cities, is forever under siege by opposing forces, and in order to secure a holy site within, the team must infiltrate and do battle with Fishmen, Chthytes, and a monstrous Black Water army gathering under the banner of a Lich Siren. The Tomb of Sir Eilrahc is put back under the protection of the Holy Order, after new wisdom is gleaned about the plight of mirror magic.
- The Cult of Lir reconciles with Lord Regent and offers spiritual advice for his upcoming nuptials. The Royal Couple are permitted to tour some of the sacred sites in the Deeps.
- In Amber, Caine takes the Throne with Corwin's help and declares himself Prince Regent for Oberon. This is followed by another tremor, but it is not reflected in Rebma.
- A large amassing of Chthytes is spotted on the sea floor while the Solar Flare scouts out the Temple's leads for more 'stars' through the undersea.
- A third tremor in Amber causes buildings to fall, yet none do in Rebma. Still, there is a slight ripple felt through the waters, which are suspected to have had an unseen geological impact.

CY 2017
- Whale behaviour gets stranger as all species of Cetaceans take to breaching from the waves in unprecedented numbers and heights. The Dolphins chatter about the great liberation of a powerful whale avatar in Shadow, and seem to target the Amberite Ruby as the party responsible for the feat.
- The royal dungeons become more popular destination for a while, as prisoner claims of a conspiracy to gain access to the Palace via the deep catacombs lead to an expedition through the Great Labyrinth. It ends with Lord Warden Merrisol becoming injured and disciplinary action for some members of the Cult of Lir and Holy Order of Eilrahc.
- The long-awaited wedding of Martin and Miriam seems to provoke the appearance of an ominous fog upon both Great Stairs of Tir and Rebma, which rolls to envelop Amber until the next dawn. A visual reel of the wedding plays out upon the fog within the throne rooms of Amber and Tir, for all present to witness.
- In drastic reaction to the omen, Caine declares the diplomatic treaties between Amber and Rebma null and void. Military/Navy pacts are still in place, but the Rebman Embassy in Amber is closed down and the staff sent packing.
- Martin appoints Lady Vialle as Ambassador to try and sort things out with Caine's government, but with little progress made in the first months as the Prince Regent avoids talks.
- A conspiracy envelopes the palace that seems to revolve around the Lord Warden's strange behavior during the wedding week, declaring a "Reckoning" from Rebma. Merrisol is absent from many former duties and spends much of his time at the Palace or wandering the capital accompanied by his spouse, Lady Maggie.
- The Holy Order of Eilrahc mobilizes en masse to siege the base of a powerful Sea Witch who has taken a number of knights prisoner. The Solar Flare moves in by stealth to mount a rescue operation and comes away severely damaged. One survivor is rushed discretely to the Rebman Mandrake Hospital.
- A diplomatic request allows some nobles to venture down the Stairs, directed by House Mandrake to assess the progress and needs of the sister hospital in Rebma. Helpful intel is gathered and dispensed as a result.
- An interrogation of the secret patient in RMH sparks emotional outbursts and speaks of grave repercussions in future. The Temple intervenes as expected, claiming jurisdiction over the knight's fate.
- Prophecies surface in Amber which echo the omens of reckoning in Rebma. They are fulfilledi in part as a special Deep Court announces the return of Queen Moire to the Throne, with the twist revelation of her spirit being trapped within the Lord Warden Merrisol. In full control of the vessel and with the assurance that efforts are underway to rejoin her to her rightful body, Moire swears to take a thorough accounting of the decisions made during Martin's Regency. Martin retains his posting as Lord Marshal and vows to continue his missions to restore Rebma's greatness. Princess Miriam pledges herself and the Tirian People to the Rebman Throne. Prince Corwin notably well-wishes Moire and Rebma, and speaks of peaceful cooperation between Sea, Land, and Sky.
- Several fleets tied to Minosian command begin to set up around the Rebman Triangle. Captains Midnight and Incarnate appear to have benign intentions, however Flay's hostile fleet openly blockades the shipping routes and must be dispersed by diplomatic negotiation and threat of force by the Royal Navy, then still under the command of Prince Gerard.
- The Queen's appreciation of efforts made by Corwin, Gerard, and Ailith, to end the blockades is made by choral announcement to Amber Harbour. The Minosians Ruby, Maggie, and Maereina are also thanked for their dedication in keeping the hard-won peace between Rebma and Minos.
- An unprecedented 'election' in Amber, in which the Royal family votes on several candidates for the Regency, gives Rebma a chance to influence the outcome. Gerard becomes Regent and leaves his Vice-Admirals to run the Royal Navy.
- New omens and reports above and beneath the Waves suggest multiple dire threats approach Rebma. Assassination attempts follow in due course, taking advantage of the Queen's vulnerable state and determination to be active in the realm. The attacks are repelled by handpicked companions from various realms.
- For the month following her reclaiming the Deep Throne, Moire works with special counsel to critically review the past five years of Rebma under Martin's rule. At the following Court, he is called before the Throne and lectured for his bad decisions, however given that the triumphs and the stumbles alike were all attributed to his steadfast dedication to Rebma, the Queen elevates Martin to Crown Prince.

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