Tritons are the humanoid fish denizens of Rebma and a common enough sight in the capital city. Larger than Rebmans, they would stand between ten and twelve feet tall if they were bipedal. The sinewy upper humanoid half has a hide of tightly beaded scales, rather beautifully iridescent and patterned in colors which indicate their bloodline. A fin begins at the crest of the hairless head and runs into the dorsal fin down the spine. Additional smaller fins are found at the ear ridges and from shoulders to elbows. One set of gills are found along the sides of the jaw, and another under the ribcage. The color patterning and back fin continue from the hips downwards along the supple scaled body of a fish, typically with a powerful fan or round tail fin. Rarely seen but known to exist are the spectacular but inefficient tail fin shapes of bettas and lionfish. Tritons commonly have a few rows of sharp teeth and pronounced incisors, both top and bottom. Their powerful humanoid hands are webbed between the fingers and sport dangerous claws.

Tritons are prodigiously strong, swift swimmers, and fierce fighters, said to be worth ten Rebmans in a fight. These qualities have caused the Tritons to become the valued backbone of Rebma's military strength. They were not always such good citizens, however. At the very dawn of the realm, the human-like Rebmans and the Tritons fought a generations-spanning conflict for dominance over the undersea kingdom. With strong magic and a claim of the Sea's Favor itself, the Rebman forces were victorious and assumed rulership. The War for Consolidation is also known as the Triton War, and saw the birth of the royal house of Rebma, as well as the seeds of what would become the Major Houses.

The Tritons are considered the most populous among the Elder Races of Rebma, though much of the true extent of their culture is held within their tribal capital, the fabled Sunken City, where few outsiders have been privileged to traverse. They are better equipped than Rebmans at withstanding depth considerations, including their having a degree of nightvision in the dark depths. Robust individuals have been known to dive down past -8000ft (~2500m depth), which covers most of the sea floor of Rebma, except for the treacherous regions known as The Deeps.

As Tritons are strictly aquatic and bound to the undersea environs, they are not allowable character concepts on Road to Amber. They are an important setting element but NPC'd only.

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